Guide to Getting the Best COREtec Flooring!

by Team BuildMyplace on Oct 31, 2022

COREtec Flooring

For starters, you will notice that this is nothing like any ordinary vinyl flooring. In fact, the COREtec luxury vinyl flooring looks exactly the same as any typical wood flooring will look.

If you think that vinyl flooring and CORE tech vinyl flooring are just the same, then I think you should read this blog further. This is because we are going to discuss some important things about COREtec flooring, like what it is, why it is so special, and what its benefits are. So, let’s get started!

What is COREtec Vinyl Flooring?

To cut a long story short, COREtec vinyl flooring has basically taken over the flooring industry in a very short period of time. There are several types available in COREtec flooring, including COREtec Plus, COREtec Pro Plus, COREtec vinyl, and COREtec luxury vinyl flooring.

The COREtec vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring come under the LVP category as the type is highly durable because it includes several layers to form a rigid composition in the form of luxury vinyl flooring.

Apart from that, you can count on COREtec vinyl flooring because of its excellent features and resistance against odd scenarios.
Best COREtec Flooring

For what area are you finding the flooring?

There are so many things that about COREtec flooring that is termed as their specialty. No matter which type you go with, you will always be in a win-win situation because all the types contain some special features.
COREtec vinyl flooring


  • Coretec Luxury Vinyl Flooring
    The core layer

    Starting with the core layer of COREtec vinyl plank flooring, they are basically rigid at the same time and have flexibility. Some of you might think that rigid planks must be hard in nature. Well, with general LVPs, this can be true, but with COREtec, the core layer is, of course, rigid to strengthen the flooring. But, they don’t tend to have a hard surface.

  • Comfort is their prime approach

    What COREtec vinyl plank flooring mainly focuses on is comfort. So as far as we are concerned, anything that comes with comfort automatically grabs our attention. If you agree with this statement and it relates to you, then you will surely gonna like COREtec because they are extremely comfortable.

    You will find an effortless experience when you will walk on these planks, especially if you go with the WPC option because they have a comparatively softer feel.

    COREtec flooring
  • Coretec luxury Plank Flooring
    Available with a thick wear layer

    The COREtec luxury vinyl flooring is considered a premium-quality flooring because it contains a thick wear layer. This results in scratch-resistant flooring for quite a long time.

  • Comes with cork underlayment

    One of the best things you will get with the COREtec vinyl plank flooring is that they include a pre-attached cork underlayment layer. This layer helps in cutting down the footstep noises. So, if you easily get bothered by the tapping sound of your shoes, this flooring option will surely help you with that.

    Coretec Flooring with Cork Underlayment 

Advantages of COREtec Flooring

You will find many advantages with COREtec flooring that will help you save time and money. Some popular advantages you will get by investing in COREtec vinyl floors are:

  • It is 100% waterproof, and you can use it in locations with high moisture levels like the bathroom, basement, kitchen, dining room, roof, etcetera.
  • You get an extra bouncy effect with the COREtec luxury vinyl flooring and an advanced sound-deadening feature.
  • If you want to DIY the installation, you can surely do it with the COREtec floors option.
  • With COREtec, you opt for an eco-friendly alternative as it is green-guard certified.

Comparison between COREtec flooring and other hardwood floorings

Still confused? Want to know more? Let’s compare COREtec flooring with other flooring options.

COREtec versus hardwood flooring

  • The durability of hardwood flooring seems to surrender in places with a high moisture rate.
  • COREtec floors effortlessly last in hot temperatures.
  • Heavy furniture and high-traffic areas cannot dent the COREtec vinyl plank flooring.
COREtec vinyl flooring

COREtec versus laminate flooring

  • You get many color and texture options with COREtec vinyl plank flooring.
  • They have a rigid structure that stays harmless longers than laminate flooring.
COREtec vinyl plank flooring

The final observation:

As a final observation, we can only suggest that you will not regret it once you invest in the COREtec vinyl floors. The availability of options is quite huge with this flooring. Also, it promotes looks, durability, quality, comfort, resistance, and longevity. Hope you find the information helpful and will consider them if you plan to renovate your interiors.

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