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Collection: Bathroom Vanities

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About Bathroom Vanities

Among all the essentials in any bathroom, a sink vanity adds a touch of luxury in its own unique way. offers an exclusive range of vanities sourced from top brands all over the world, and customers can choose the sink vanity that matches their personal aesthetic. To find the right vanity with the perfect texture, material and color can be difficult and time-consuming unless you know exactly what you need, so here are some tips that might help you with this decision.

What size bathroom sink vanity do I need?

Selecting the right size mainly depends on your bathroom space and the number of fixtures. Sink vanities are generally available in two versions: single sink and double sink. If you can dedicate at least sixty to seventy-two inches for the vanity without making your bathroom look too congested, then the double sink vanity is the best option. Otherwise, single sink vanities are also available in sizes ranging from sixteen to forty-eight inches in width.

What is the standard size for a double sink vanity?

There is no standard rule of thumb for the size of vanities because as mentioned previously, it all depends on the space in your bathroom. That being said, the minimum width required for a double sink vanity is approximately sixty inches, but seventy-two inches tends to be a much more popular size.

How do I choose the right material for my bathroom vanity?

Since bathrooms are usually humid and most vanities are made of wood, MDF (medium density fiber) or plywood, so they all need to have a protective layer to prevent warping. A solid wood bathroom vanity looks very natural and durable but is usually more expensive. MDF board (manufactured wood), is a less expensive option, and it's often covered with some kind of laminate to protect from water damage. The laminate also makes the vanity easy to clean.

What is the most popular bathroom vanity color?

White, ebony and gray vanities are the most popular colors because they are considered neutral and can blend with virtually any bathroom style. According to some experts, a white bathroom vanity can make the bathroom look more spacious while an ebony color cabinet goes well with a white-colored countertop.

How tall should the vanity be?

There has recently been a change in the height of vanities customers are purchasing these days. The original standard height was thirty-two inches, but now thirty-six inches is becoming increasingly popular. These taller vanities are known as Comfort Height Vanities and they match the height of most kitchen countertops. The corresponding increase in height for the sink basin and countertop is a much more ergonomic experience.

Do bathroom vanities need to match the kitchen cabinets?

If you're building a new house or renovating the interior of your current home, you may come across this question of matching bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets.

As it turns out, the answer to this question is not straightforward and often depends on your home's layout. Generally speaking, it's not necessary to match your bathroom vanities with your kitchen cabinets, but here are some points to consider:

  • Proximity to the Kitchen: If the bathroom is really close to the kitchen, you might want to consider similar styles to keep the flow from one space to the next even and continuous.
  • Complimentary Styles: Instead of purchasing bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets that match exactly, you can also consider styles that complement each other instead.

What is the standard depth of a bathroom vanity?

In other words, how far out should the bathroom vanity extend from the wall? The standard depth of a bathroom vanity is twenty-one inches, but if you want to leave more space in your bathroom, then you can always go with a vanity that is eighteen, fifteen or even twelve inches deep.