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Collection: Fryer

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About Fryer

Commercial Fryers are fairly beneficial equipment for almost every single restaurant in the US today. From fries to the crispy chicken, a deep fryer allows people to munch on a lot of delicious stuff. But there is another side of the story as well. Move ahead with the flow and know some crucial dos and don’ts while buying commercial kitchen equipment.

Why is choosing the right Commercial deep fryer for your restaurant important?

A faulty practice at a restaurant can shoot your costs unexpectedly, and it holds for every commercial kitchen equipment. In the case of commercial deep fryers, the precautions start just before you turn the gas fryer on. Use aprons, heat-resisting gloves, and goggles to avoid any unforeseen incident in the kitchen. Additionally, you should always be following some set of rules which should not be avoided.

Do the estimation of food servings properly. For this, you are supposed to choose the fryers and commercial kitchen equipment rightly as per the needs. Preparing food in advance for the customers coming later is not a great idea.

Changing the cooking oil more frequently than the regular rate will push your operational costs quite high. It is something that you want at the least level. Additionally, overcooked or undercooked food tastes pathetic so cooking the food at the desired levels is highly desirable. 

Why filtering oil is important?

Filtering Cooking Oil is essential because of multiple reasons. Using the same oil, again and again, allow the food to absorb more oil content. Additionally, there are some more common reasons that you should be aware of-

  • To serve your customers a hygienic food every single time. It is something they paid for, so they deserve it.
  • To offer a great fresh taste to the consumers. The burnt crumbs in the oil can easily stick to the new items while deep frying. As a result, the ordered food unwantedly gets associated with the bits.
  • To avoid the undesired burnt smell from the food item like fries, chicken, etc.
  • To keep the taste intact of two different foods.

You are advised not to reuse the oil for more than permissible frequency. The limits for different food items can be different. So, make sure you go by the allowed limits only.

Instructions to clean your Commercial fryer

We hope you are getting the expected results from your latest buy. After that comes another crucial point that you need to put in practice- cleaning and maintenance. From enhancing the life of the commercial fryer to keeping the practices hygienic, regular cleaning is vital for your equipment.

  • Make sure the fryers cool down and come to the room temperature before you start the cleaning work.
  • The cone filters are the most crucial part of any electric or gas-operated commercial fryer. It does not only ensure the hot oil filter successfully but also keeps the quality of the fried food intact. The cone filters also play an essential part in the safety of the people operating the fryer.
  • To ensure the cleaning of every hard to reach part and areas of the fryer use the right brushes and cleaning rods to ensure 360-degree cleaning of the commercial kitchen equipment.
  • Make good use of the fryer powder. It helps you to catch even the smallest crumbs and sediment with the help of a paper.