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Collection: Outdoor Wall Lights

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Collection: Outdoor Wall Lights

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About Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor lights are the most common fixtures mounted on any vertical surface outside. It won't be wrong to say that they are an integral part of every exterior lighting scheme. They are a perfect choice to counter the light availability at the time of night. The LED wall lights come in different designs and bright shades. Apart from illumination, they offer the appeal and the desired style statement to your exterior home design. 

Ideal Places to use Outdoor Wall Lights

Not only indoor but while planning your lighting installation, you should give equal attention to the non-indoor area. The reason is not only limited to the illumination needs, but it also highlights the design and architectural elements. Additionally, the first appearance of your home starts outside of your home, and nobody wants to alter the first impressions in the mind of the guests. Wall-mounted light fixtures are durable and offer a long service life.  

For outdoors, the significant areas with a wall look the most sensible placement of an outdoor wall light. Entryways and Porches are the two most common areas where outside lighting is most common. The garage and the porch are other vital areas where lights can be used outside of your home purposes. Another place where people make good use of wall-mounted fixtures is the garage.

Which are the different kinds of Outdoor lamps?

The categories can be broadly defined based on their design and lighting size. On the front of elegance, you can find the Outside lighting fixtures available in traditional, modern, and contemporary designs. Outdoor wall sconces are one such option that allows you to impress your guests with a creative expression. Rustic to retro and contemporary to modern, we at buildmyplace, cover your all aesthetic demand. Broadly it can be classified under 

Lantern Lights: Under the outdoor vertical lighting fixtures, the lantern wall sconces are trendy choices. Available under both plastic and metal material they allow visitors a rustic lighting feel with the look they offer.  

Metal Sconces: The bronze sconces are the perfect choice as an outstanding outdoor vertical lamp. The offer the rustic look, which makes it impossible to ignore them at the first look.  

Bulkhead fixtures: Some people want to feel the charm of the forgotten era with an elegant lighting touch. In this case, bulkhead outdoor vertical fixtures are the thing you should wish for. They allow the person having an eye for art to enjoy the richness with elegance — the frosted look with the glass.

Wall Sconces: Sconces are one such versatile lighting fixture that is viable for both indoor and outdoor. They do not only cover the area but also adds a sophisticated touch of contemporary design feel via specific designs.