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Base Back Panel: 3/8" top back bottom and I-beams
Base End Panel: Matching Laminate Exterior
Base Glides: Soft-closing under-mount full extension drawer guides.
Base Shelves: 3/4" plywood adjustable shelves with natural maple laminate
Color: Snow Shaker
Style: W Classic
Wall End Panel: Matching Laminate Exterior
Wall Hinges: Heavy Duty Steel Concealed Hinge, Adjustable with Soft-Close Mechanism.
Base Doors: 3/4" Hardwood Frame doors and drawer fronts.
Base Frame: 3/4" Hardwood Frame doors and drawer fronts.
Base Hinges: Heavy duty steel concealed hinge, adjustable with soft-close mechanism.
Base Toe Kick: 4 ½“ Toe kick
Shipping Time: Within 15 business days + Transit
Wall Back Panel: 3/8" Top Back Bottom and I-beams
Wall Frame: 3/4" Hardwood Frame doors and drawer fronts.
Wall Shelves: 3/4" Plywood Adjustable Shelves With Natural Maple Laminate
Upgrade the ambiance of your kitchen and make it highly sophisticated with our latest Snow Shaker. This cabinet may resemble the white kitchen cabinets, but there is still some difference between snow-white color and pure white. The shaker-style cabinet doors make this kitchen cabinet highly presentable and spacious. This can be installed in any kitchen style, be it small or large. The beautiful color and latest design of the kitchen cabinet are its major attraction.
This is manufactured with a high-quality finish, which gives it a long lifespan and makes it durable. This kitchen cabinet will match all other accessories in the kitchen. This is an upgraded version of the cabinet to fit most of the budgets perfectly.


  •         1/2” Plywood ends
  •         3/8” top, back, bottom and I-beams
  •         Soft-closing, 6-way adjustable hinges
  •         3/4” Hardwood frame, doors, and drawer fronts
  •         Natural maple laminate interior
  •         5/8” Solid wood dovetail drawer box

Humidity Effects: In order to enjoy your cabinets for years to come, it is important to keep the temperature and humidity levels in your home stable. Very dry or very humid conditions will cause the wood to expand or contract, especially with mitered doors. Low humidity will cause wood to shrink, typically occurring in winter months. High Humidity will cause expansion in the wood, this typically occurs in summer months.

The optimal conditions for your cabinets occur with the humidity levels that are between 35%-50%. Anything below 20% or above 80% needs to be avoided. Using a humidifier or turning on the air conditioner will help avoid these extreme condition. It is important to keep temperatures and humidity levels stable in your home.

Expansion and Contraction of wood whit humidity and temperature changes is the nature of wood and is not a reason for replacement. In most cases, once the environment has been controlled for a prolonged period of time, the effects of the humidity will disappear.

Five Year Limited Warranty 

BUILDMyplace warrants to the original purchaser that all Concord, Country and Classic Collection Cabinetry will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for five years from the time of purchase.


During this period of time, BUILDMyplace will repair or replace at our option, any cabinet or component that proves to be defective in material and workmanship under proper installation and normal use. This warranty does not apply to any damage that has occurred due to normal wear, accident, misuse, or improper handling of the cabinetry. Cabinetry that is stored or placed in humid environment will not be covered under this warranty. This warranty does not apply to cabinetry that has been altered, modified, improperly installed or serviced by any unauthorized service agency. This warranty is limited to the replacement of defective parts only and does not include service, labor, or transportation charge related to the removal or installation of the defective or replacement parts. This warranty does not apply to any products used in conjunction with the cabinetry, such as counter tops, appliances, or plumbing fixtures. Repair or replacement are subject to the current product offerings of styles and construction of BUILDMyplace at that time. If a warranty claim is filed after a product becomes unavailable, BUILDMyplace will replace that part with a part of the same or similar style based on availability. No dealer, agent, contractor, or installer has any right to change or extend the above warranty.

These warranty statements only, are the expressed warranties extended by BUILDMyplace. In lieu of any other warranties, this warranty shall constitute the entire liability of BUILDMyplace. All styles, finishes, hardware, and specification are also subject to change without prior notice.

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