15" x 10" x 0.59 mm Stereo Puzzle Wood Mosaic Tile (10.17 sq.ft/ctn)

Type/Size: Stereo Puzzle/15" x 10"

Geometrical Standard Hex/12" x 11"

Geometrical Linear/11" x 14"

Stereo Linear/11" x 14"

Geometrical Honeycomb/13" x 12"

Stereo Pinwheel/12" x 10"

Geometrical Scallop/13" x 11"

Stereo Scallop/13" x 11"

Geometrical Pinwheel/12" x 10"

Geometrical Voluspa/11" x 14"

Stereo Voluspa/11" x 14"

Milano/12" x 12"

Stereo Puzzle/15" x 10"

Stereo Linear II/11" x 13"

Stereo Linear III/11" x 13"

Carved Lodge/12" x 12"

/ Case
$15.23 /sq.ft.

Covers: 10.17 / sq. ft.

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Forge the regular cemented tiles instead, opt for a subtle but creative look for your indoor walls. The stereo puzzle wood mosaic will perfectly add up to your indoors appearance with a slightly spontaneous look. In addition, the ceramic-coated wooden mosaics are easy to clean, and you can use them in cozy indoors like the kitchen, bedroom, dining area, hallways, restaurants, restrooms, and several other locations.

This puzzle wood mosaic is somewhere similar to a brick wall pattern that looks pretty rustic. Also, its authentic wooden textures help in creating a natural vibe. The mosaic is less complicated to install than other cement or natural stone tiles. They are light-weighted and can stick to the walls with a glue solution.


  • The wood-based mosaic is ideal for indoor and outdoor walls only
  • Chemical-free mosaics that prevent insects
  • 100% environment friendly
  • DIY installation is possible
  • Easy to handle with a low maintenance cost
  • Recommended for accent walls, backsplashes, dining rooms, basements, & bathrooms.

Installation, Care & Maintenance tips you must follow:

  • Install the Forest Elements wood mosaic on walls only.
  • Backsplash, ceiling, wall adjacent, accent wall, porch, etcetera are some places to install these mosaics.
  • Avoid installing in showers, saunas, fireplaces, and rooms with temperatures higher than 210°.
  • Use a soapy warm water solution to clean off stains from the mosaic.
  • The mosaics are eligible for staining or painting.
  • Do not use grout during installation, instead use a brown color adhesive.

Benefits you get:

The thermal modification process during manufacturing offers numerous benefits to the mosaic:

  • Durability - The wood mosaics will effortlessly last in a wet indoor for a really long time.
  • Prevents insects - Lack of moisture ensures it is safe from insects, molds, and other water-related damages.
  • Relief against swelling or shrinking - The kiln drying process ensures that the mosaics will not shrink or swell in moist environments.
  • Environment-friendly - This is a 100% natural wood mosaic and is not harmful to the environment.

Recommended Areas to use the Mosaics:

  • Accent walls
  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Porch
  • Backsplash walls
  • Dining area
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom wall adjacent
  • Ceiling
  • Fireplace area under 210° temperature.

Product Specifications

Application: Inside Flooring, Inside Wall, Bedroom, Drawing Room, Living Room, Kitchen, Floor
Commercial Floor: Yes
Indoor: Yes
lbs per box: 10 lbs
Material: Wood
MPN (Part No.): 20-210
Piece per box: 10
Size (W X L): 15 x 10 inch
Sqft per Piece: 1.02
Width: 10 inch
Collection: Stereo Puzzle
Finish: Ceramic
Installation: Glue, Wood Adhesive
Length: 15 inch
Mosaic Pattern: Puzzle Shape
Outdoor: Yes
Residential Floor: Yes
Sqft per Box: 10.17
Thickness: 0.59 mm