Avanti 4H Interior Door in Black Apricot Finish

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Avanti interior doors perfectly match contemporary modern interiors complementing them. adding style and character to any room with their exotic black apricot look. which can be highlighted by silver strip moldings on the surface.

Natural Wood Veneer

  • A well balanced combination of price and quality
  • Made of natural wood and looking the same way
  • Long lasting and very easily restored if necessary to remove scratches or abrasions
  • An environmentally friendly material
  • An unusual texture
  • Radiant heat wood

Solid core

We use a technologically advanced insulating core that has a density of 12.5 lb/ft3.High density wood fiber core is mixedin with polyurethane resin and waxto yield in high level of sound and thermal insulation.

Matching Jambs and Casings

DoorDesignLab door units are completed with jambs and casings. which are factory pre-finished to match the door slab in style and color.

Smart Sweep

Automatic Door Sweep is optionally installed at the bottom of the door to protect the room from dust. noise. drafts. smoke and insects. Upon closing. the sweep mechanism is triggered by a switch at the door?s hinge side. which activates the sweep to drop down. Made in Italy.

Product Specifications

Color: Black
Height: 80 in.
Product material: Wood
Thickness: 1 3/4 in.
Width: 18 in.
Finish: Pre Finished, Veneer
MPN (Part No.): BLD1025
Size: 18" X 80" X 1 3/4"
Warranty: 2 Years