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Swivel Straight 1-Minute Christmas Tree Stand - For Trees Up To 12'

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Swivel Straight 1-Minute Christmas Tree Stand - For Trees Up To 12'

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Avoid a Christmas tree disaster by using this strong and sturdy stand. Outperforms any other Christmas tree stand on the market. Super easy swivel straight feature. Accommodates live trees up to 12 feet tall.
Simple One-person 3 step setup:
Clamp It!
Raise It!
Swivel It Straight!

Custom designed clamps reduce branch trimming
Stable 20" base holds a tree up to 12' tall with trunk diameter as large as 5.75" not exceeding 120 lbs.
Extra large water reservoir holds up to 4 1/2 quarts of water to keep your tree fresh with minimal refilling
Drain slots prevent messy spills during disassembly
Impact Grade Polymer Construction that won't crack rust or harm floors
Large bolts and comfortable handles make tightening screws easy
Accelerator ring spins to quickly and simultaneously grip clamps around trunk
Revolutionary pivoting base supports trees up to 12-15 feet
Trees larger than 12 feet may require extra care during assembly additional support and pre-drilled holes to allow mounting to a plywood base

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