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Flexible Light Strip Direct Connect Clamp (strip-to-strip)

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Flexible Light Strip Direct Connect Clamp (strip-to-strip)

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  • 30 Days Return
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These soldering free direct connect; 8mm, 2 pin wide; directly connects two flexible light strips and strip segments of single color. This non-waterproof connector requires additional steps to waterproof. 

  • This 2-pin strip-to-strip connector can be used to connect two short strips to make it longer running and for as long as 16.4 ft for standard density and 32.8 ft for high density.
  • Requires only one positive and one negative connection.   
  • A quick-connect solution by not requiring you to use any soldering iron. 
  • Rated for 36VDC.  

Product Specifications

Width: 8 mm
Certifications: UL, CE & RoHS certified
Housing: 100% plastic
Return Policy: 30 Days Return
Fixture Color: Clear
MPN (Part No.): ST028
Voltage: 36VDC

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