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Gridiron Stainless Steel Bookshelf

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Gridiron Stainless Steel Bookshelf

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  • 1 Year Warranty
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Stand of gridiron series which comes with five tempered glass shelves for modernism . The wild pattern gives the maturity of all sorts which appreciate style and more. The Gridian stainless steel shelving gives the strategic transcendence that it provides.

All of the mesmerizing stories that you cherish in the form of enchanting books will look gorgeous on this furniture piece.

Featuring fine built, this storage piece will offer ample space for books of various sizes. For those who are not bibliophiles, this unit can also serve as a display for the souvenirs collected during the choicest of travels.

This furnishing piece features a linear design, so it will blend with the surroundings and existing furniture. Offering a clean storage space for knick-knacks that you cant help but collect!

Tasteful contemporary design

Featuring contemporary design and style, this storage is an excellent choice for modern households. It is the ideal piece of furniture for your personal library, bedroom or living room.

Robust build

The use of premium materials makes this eye-pleasing storage unit a sturdy product. With special attention to the details, this unit features strong conjunctions that make it perfect for heavy use.

Multi-purpose design

This storage unit will serve many different purposes. From books to antique pieces, it will hold different kinds of things with grace while adorning the interiors of your home.

Product Specifications

Length: 39.5 Inch
Height: 71 Inch