Kate 8" Innerspring Mattress with 10 years warranty

Kate 8" Innerspring Mattress with 10 years warranty

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MPN: MOD1480
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  • 1 Year Warranty

Twin Size
Kate 8" Innerspring Mattress with 10 years warranty
Twin Size
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Kate 8 Innerspringmattress features:

- A quilted pattern
- Cover made in polyester material
-Fire-resistant barrier
- Felt liners for enhanced comfort
- Firm and comforting foam padding layer

Premium quality materials for enhanced comfort

The Kate 8 Innerspringmattress highlights the use of fine-quality polyester fabric that covers a layer of fire-resistant barrier, followed by responsive foam, felt liners, and Bonnell spring core. The combination of spring bed and responsive foam will allow the mattress to align with your various sleeping postures. This smart arrangement of materials will allow a peaceful sleep each day, every day.

Robust design for long-term use

Featuring fine-quality materials, this Innerspringmattress will last for at least six to six and a half years. The Bonnell coils will prevent the mattress from sagging. With two felt layers, and a thick layer of responsive foam, this mattress is sturdy enough, so, you can allow the kids to jump and play on the bed!

Experience hassle-free sleeping

This mattress comes in a portable box. You will not have to follow painstaking set-up instructions for this mattress. All you have to do is to take out the rolled mattress from the box and mount it on your bed. With layers and layers of fine-quality material in polyester covering, this mattress is a hassle-free choice.

It comes in 4 different sizes as Twin Mattress, Full Size Mattress, Queen Size Mattress, and King Size Mattress.

Set Includes:
One - Kate 8" Full Mattress

Product Specifications

Assembly Required: No
Height: 8 Inch
MPN (Part No.): MOD1480
Product Materials: Innerspring
Weight: 36 lbs
Size: Twin
Dimensions (L x W x H): 54"L x 75"W x 8"H
Length:54 Inch
Overall Product Dimensions: 54"L x 75"W x 8"H
Warranty:1 Year
Width:75 Inch

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