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Saunter Single Hole Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet

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Saunter Single Hole Single Handle Vessel Bathroom Faucet

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  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Experience the luxurious and stylish Vale series single hole single handle bathroom sink faucet, which features a brass interior to match its durable exterior. This high-quality product is made with ceramic discs in place of standard plastic ones for durability against wear due to corrosion or other factors such as fluctuations in water pressure, which can cause problems over time if not repaired or don't be taken care of. It also includes lead-free plating on all internal parts, so you can use it without worrying about damaging your plumbing system! The sleek design will make any home feel more modern while maintaining the traditional values ​​associated with perfection, something we're sure everyone desires these days.

Product Specifications

Length: 19.49 in.
Height: 11.41 in.
Width: 12.2 in.
Category: Faucets
Color: Nickel
Finish: Brushed Nickel
Type: Bathroom Sink Faucets
Weight: 4 lbs
Collection/Series: Saunter
Dimensions ( L x W x H ): 19.49 in. L x 12.2 in. W x 11.41 in. H
MPN (Part No.): L-AZ121BN
Warranty: Limited Lifetime

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