8 Reasons to Install Floating Bathroom Vanities

by Team BuildMyplace on Jan 03, 2023

8 Reasons to Install Floating Bathroom Vanities


There are many aspects involved when it comes to making the bathroom perfect. With a simple remodeling process, a bathroom can effectively upgrade its overall appearance and functionality. Some major fixtures of the bathroom include bathroom vanities, sinks, etc. Only the bathroom vanity impacts the entire operation efficiency impressively in the fixtures. But choosing the right option is important. Bathroom vanities offer two different installation options, such as freestanding and floating bathroom vanities. Both options are viable and beneficial for any type of bathroom. Here, you will learn some key reasons to install floating vanities instead of traditional ones.

What is Floating Vanity?

Floating Vanity

Before heading towards the reasons to choose floating bathroom vanities, it is vital to understand their meaning. Floating vanities are commonly known as wall-mounted bathroom vanities that float above the ground without coming in contact with the floor. Like other vanities, they do not extend the bottom all the way to the floor and rest narrowly above it. Simply, the vanities are easy to mount on the wall, which keeps them away from the ground and creates an attractive look. Usually, the vanity is highly recommended for adorning and boosting the accessibility of any bathroom.

Reasons to Choose Floating Bathroom Vanities

Over the years, these vanities have already increased in popularity and are known as versatile choices providing numerous styles, designs, and benefits. Here are some of the reasons mentioned to confirm that floating bathroom vanities are the best pick for any bathroom.

Amplify the Overall Space

Floating Bathroom Vanities

Keeping the floor surface uninterrupted is an exceptionally great choice when you opt for large and heavy fixtures. Floating bathroom vanities are specially designed to mount on the walls with a considerable space between the floor and the vanity bottom. Saving just a few inches of space underneath the cabinets will create an eye-catching bathroom look. Not only this, but you can also create color combinations with flooring, other cabinets, and walls. The matching appearance of your bathroom vanity will easily amplify the overall space.

Adjustable Height Range

Floating Vanities

When it comes to the height options, standard vanities are limited to adjust the height according to your bathroom. But you will get an adjustable height feature with floating bathroom vanities. This is why they stand out from the competition and easily attract many homeowners to use them in their bathrooms. With ease, you can mount the vanity at a particular height that suits almost everyone in your home.

Make Cleaning Easy

Floating Bathroom Vanities - Easy To Clean

The task of cleaning is quite difficult as you need to ensure that dirt particles will not remain on the floor or surface. However, the cleaning chores will become easier with floating vanities as you will effortlessly clean the floor underneath the vanity. With these vanities, you just need to wipe out the area with a mop to keep the surface clean.

Less Prone to Water Damage

bathroom vanities

Usually, the vanities are made up for the bathroom, and it is important to keep them safe from water damage. With floating bathroom vanities, you do not have to worry about this problem as they are less prone to water damage. Plus, the wall-mounting installation keeps the vanity away from the ground and also secures them from getting damaged from the bottom due to water. Generally, the bathroom is a place where water is used in heavy quantities, whether for bath or constant floor cleaning. Thus, floating vanities are less prone to damage from water.

Offer Additional Storage

Floating Bathroom vanity Cabinet

Bathroom vanities are used to make the entire place more organized by storing all the items in the storage space. It is simple to understand that vanities are considered one of the best fixtures to use as storage. Not only this, but floating vanities allow you to store some items under the vanity as well. Usually, the storage depends on the vanity size that you are using in your bathroom. So, if you have a large bathroom, a large vanity is a more beneficial option than others, and vice versa.

Maintain Less Cluttered Look

Wall Mounted Vanities

The attractive look of floating bathroom vanities is exceptionally good that easily maintains a less cluttered look all over the space. Well, the vanity comes with several shelves that can store different items to keep the countertop looking good. With the help of floating vanities, you will effortlessly manage the overall beauty of your bathroom and create a balanced look.

Highlight Surface Beauty

Wall Mounted Vanities with Sink

If you want to highlight the beauty of your tile or flooring, floating bathroom vanities are ideal. They provide enough space for anyone to focus on the beauty of the surface, whether you use stunning tile work or magnificent marble on the floor. Along with this, you can also extend your floors all the way up to the walls to maintain the look.

Flexible & Functional

Floating vanity with sink top

Finally, floating vanities are flexible in terms of designs and styles. At the time of purchase, you will get numerous options that not only match your home decor but are also capable of pleasing the entire environment. Along with being flexible, these vanities are functional as well, which effectively upgrades your bathroom. If you are looking for a unique option, you can also go for floating vanity with vessel sinks.

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