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Ready To Assemble Cabinets

Cost-efficient cabinets that you can assemble yourself.

Our RTA cabinets offers a wide range of color and door style that can match with your perfect interior space.

Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets

RTA Cabinets have grown in popularity among homeowners, contractors, and builders over the last decade. The meaning of this cabinet is exact, with its name only 'Ready to Assemble' cabinets and is also known as Unassembled Cabinets or Knocked Down Cabinets in the cabinet industry. Buildmyplace offers a wide range of colors and door types such as Luxor White Shaker options, off-white shaker like Luxor Dove and raised panel, painted and stained Smokey Grey Shaker options, stained cabinets in Espresso, Ocean Blue, Dove, Cinnamon, and County Oak cabinets. The RTA Cabinets usually have a two-week shipping period, compared to the industry norm of six to eight weeks for cabinets. Our user-friendly website makes online shopping for Kitchen Cabinets, Vanity Cabinets and Closet Cabinets easy. You can shop and price out your cabinets online 24X7. The shipment of these cabinets is done with its unassembled parts and is supposed to be assembled where you will have to install it finally. 

How to Install?

For simplifying it, we label each piece and pre-drill the hole as well. Now you just need to gather the whole hardware stuff together and start assembling. 

Why consider RTA Cabinets:

RTA cabinets are inexpensive than their assembled counterparts as the sellers do not include the assembling cost in this type.

You are free to buy each part separately from the cost-saving perspective and get the best in the cabinet.

The best part of this RTA cabinet is that it enables you to enjoy design flexibility as you can remove a shelf if you require more standing space.

You can follow the steps given in the instruction manual. It will make the task easy for the one who is installing this cabinet. 

Another very significant benefit to ordering your kitchen cabinets unassembled is the ease to store them. It is very common for homeowners to store the kitchen cabinets for a few days while other parts of the project progress , it is very inconvenient to store fully assembled cabinets at a job site or home under renovation. 

We recommend you to get our design services prior ordering that will provide you with free design layouts, 3D Renderings and VR Tour. This will help your space to visualize the space before building it. Also, it will be a helping hand to your professional for installation work.

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