At BUILDMyplace, we make sure all buyers get what they desire. Unfortunately, if you could not get an appropriate product, then our dedicated support team is always there to resolve your concerns.

We have a transparent 30 daysReturns & Refunds Policy. Whenever you wish to request for return or refund for any product, you need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Sign in to the website and choose the product(s) you wish to return.
  2. Nevertheless, you are required to share the bill details to make the process faster. We usually track your details by the order number shared by you
  3. You must share the picture in case of a wrong/broken/defective product.
  4. You can go for both refunds and/or replace requests for your product(s).

To make our return policy smooth and transparent, we have a few checklists that you can refer to. You can choose the issue(s) from the given directives to make the return process easier.

Note: Check the bottom of this page to directly reach Customer Support.

Product Mismatch

If the product that you received is not the same as shown on the page, bring it to our notice. Some of the common reasons for the product mismatch could be: 

  1. Color
  2. Size 
  3. Different Product

Product Replacement 

There may be times when you place your order but later realize you wanted some other items. We can help you in such situations. So, to get the desired product in return, make sure you reach us within 30 days for the same. Any request received after that may not be considered.

Depending on the reason for return, you may be responsible for return shipping (a good estimate is around $9 for small packages like shower curtains, $13-15 for medium packages like sherpa throws or quilts, and $19-21 for larger, multiple-item packages). The cost goes up as the size of the package, value of the contents, and distance it must travel increases. Additional return shipping charges will apply for customers in Alaska and Hawaii.

Damaged Product

Any damage claims to be filed in 48 hours.

Whenever you find that product that you have ordered is not in the right condition, you must inform us immediately.

One of the ways you can do is by reaching our customer care or writing to us. While reaching us, ensure to send the product picture for instant solution.

Inappropriate Quantity

You are eligible for a refund in this clause if you are ordering in bulk. If any item is found to be missing, then you are entitled to the refunds. You can share the invoice to track the details of your order.

Poor Quality

In case you are not happy with the quality of the product, you can always raise a request. It may apply to the product that may not be of the same material or fabric that you ordered. For a swift action from our side, you can always notify us about the same on an immediate basis.

Conditions of Non-Eligibility

In certain situations, you may not be eligible for the return policy. The most common problems are listed for quick reference:

  1. Goods for Replacement are in Damaged Condition

While you send back the product, our team refers to the image as shared by you earlier. If there is a mismatch and the product is found to be in damaged condition, then we may not be able to replace the product

  1. Invoicing is missing

In order to process your return/refund, we need an invoice to track your details. Do not forget to share a copy of your bill with the original information.

  1. Irrelevant Issue/Fake Claims

Make sure, when you make a return or refund request, the issue raised by you is genuine. Also, we address requests for only our products. We may not be able to help you with the refund if your concern is different from the options available on our website. So, be careful while choosing the issue for faster resolution.

  1. Return or Refund Request is Exceeding 30 days of Time 

We strictly follow our 30 days returns or refund policy guidelines. Make sure you place a request in the stipulated period for a resolve. A 15% restock fee (For the Selected Products Only)will be applied to the product/products total value for orders non-compliant with the terms of returning an item for a refund/exchange. The 15% fee will also be charged to orders who refuse shipment.

Anyone adhering to the set guidelines for the product refund or replacement can expect a possible resolution. We are listing below some of the common FAQs to make the entire process even simpler. 

For Cabinet Category:

If you wish to return any cabinet, please note that a restocking fee of 25% will apply. Please be aware that shipping and delivery charges are non-refundable for any returns. If your order is shipped and refused upon delivery, an additional return shipping fee will apply. It is incumbent upon the customer to cover the cost of shipping for any items being returned. We cannot provide credit for any cabinets assembled by the customer, installed cabinets, or cabinets without their original packaging. Also, non-stock cabinets, custom modifications, wood hoods, and countertops (both post form and self-edge) are non-returnable items.
Upon receipt and inspection of the returned goods at our warehouse, your account will be credited with the value of the returned items, minus the 25% restocking fee. Please allow BuildMyPlace between 7-14 business days to process this credit to your account. Please note, BuildMyPlace cannot accept any returns after a 30-day period.
30 days returns are available only on CNC Cabinets.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to check whether I am qualified for the refund or returns?

Kindly refer to the checklist we have mentioned above. There are few criteria under which you can place the request. If you fall under any one of them, then you can easily reach us for replacement or returning the product.

  1. How to raise the return request?

You can log in with your username or reach us directly on the contact details mentioned at the end of this website.

  1. How to pick the issue for refund or replacement?

If you feel the only solution left is to ask for a refund or replacement, then you must choose your issue carefully. You can always select the most relevant topic from the given categories on the website.

  1. How to track my refund or return?

We initiate action within 48 hours of receiving the request. You can expect the resolution within the 15 days of application.

  1. What if the resolution to my issue is pending even after the defined timeline?

It usually takes 10 to 15 days for the resolution, so be patient. In case of any different issues, you can always escalate it. 

  1. What to do in case of a wrong item received?

You can always change it. However, ensure you are requesting change within 30 days. 

  1. What can I do if the issue that you raised is different from our checklist?

If you feel you got some different concerns with the product in the checklist, then you must notify us about the same. You can call or mail to our customer care.

  1. What can I do if the refund you received is less than the actual product cost?

If your claim is valid and there's a mismatch, we will settle the dues at the earliest. 

  1. What additional cost I have to bear while raising the request for replacement?

Usually, there are no additional costs that you need to bear. However, if you wish to replace the items as you changed your mind, then you may need to take the shipping cost.

  1. Are there any products exempted from replacement?

Yes, there are a few categories of products that can't be replaced. Such items could be the one that is available in the pair or bunch. 

Also, if the product price is below $100, then we may not be able to assist you with the replacement.

For Cabinets:

Cancellation on all Cabinet Product: Any cancellation of order that consist of any cabinet product, there will be a 3% cancellation fee.

Customer Support

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