Collection: Semi-Flush Mount Lighting - Flush Mount Lights

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Collection: Semi-Flush Mount Lighting - Flush Mount Lights

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About Semi-Flush Mount Lighting - Flush Mount Lights

Semi flushmounts are another small type of regular close-to-ceiling lights. Unlike regular mount fixtures, they are usually installed at places with a comparatively low profile lighting area. The semi flushmount lighting is a sub-type of regular flush lighting fixture installed on low height ceilings. They hang at considerably low heights of 4-8". Mostly they are used for ornamental purposes with crystal and brass finishing. Modern semi-flushmounts find their places mostly in kitchens, entryways or near the staircases. In fact, they are a fantastic fixture for overall illumination for your home.

The difference between Flushmounts and Semi-Flushmount

Though in appearance and design, both of them look more or less the same. The duo offers the visual comfort at your homes. Both are compact in size and ideal for spaces with low profile illumination requirements. Now the significant difference- the clearance between the ceiling and fixture. It is considerably low in case of semi-mounts while the flushmounts sit at level with the plafond.

The benefits of installing semi-flush mounts

There are several features that set apart two ceiling lighting fixtures. It could be the versatility, ease of installation, cleaning, or power consumption. When it comes to semi-flush mount lightings, then these three reasons make them one of the favorite illuminating fixtures at home and commercial spaces.

Easy to Clean;

It is one such benefit which makes the low height mounts a clear winner among the lighting fixtures family. As they are installed at a shallow height, so cleaning is just a step stool away. By taking the due precautions in your mind you can quickly complete the cleaning process.

Power Saving:

Semi-mounts are close-to-ceiling light fixtures. So, they are mostly used for the areas with a dwarf clearance areas. Also, the lights have not to cover a large area to illuminate, so using energy-efficient LED bulbs are highly advised to cut the electricity consumption further.

Brightness Control:

Semi-flush mount is one of those fixtures with whom the feature of dimmers come along. You can easily control the brightness as per you're your requirements. Though before ordering one for your home you should thoroughly check for the features of dimmers.

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