A Complete Guide on Choosing LVP Flooring for the Home

by Team BuildMyplace on Sep 16, 2022

A Complete Guide on Choosing LVP Flooring for the Home


LVP flooring is becoming one of the most desired flooring options for the home as it comes in several amazing designs, colors, textures, and style options. It is obvious that people are very choosy these days as they get plenty of options in almost everything. However, when it comes to home renovations, they want to find something that is the best in almost every way. Whether you talk about looks or the benefits that come with it, the choice will undoubtedly be the main reason why people look for options.

What is LVP Flooring?

LVP stands for luxury vinyl plank flooring. The flooring contains exquisite looks that are inspired by typical wooden flooring and durable features that promote longevity to your floors.  It is a composition of several layers. The composition includes vinyl, stone, plastic, wood, and other rigid materials, which end up in sturdy flooring that does not break easily.  Furthermore, vinyl plank flooring is considered to be a preferable choice because it has several design options that help complement the indoors in the best ways possible.

Types of Layers involved in Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP)

Types of Layers involved in Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring (LVP)

  • Wear layer - Secured with multiple guard layers, the LVP flooring contains several wear layers that ensure guarding the flooring against wear and tear, especially in locations with high traffic rates.
  • Design layer - The design layer helps in giving the flooring a cozy look that aptly suits every environment. It contains textures and designs that resemble natural wood and marble looks.
  • Foundation - Since vinyl flooring is a combination of many rigid materials, they contain a strong foundation. The structure ensures the longevity of the flooring against wear and tear, breaking, chipping, scratching, and any other issues that can be a flaw in the flooring’s appearance.
  • Underlayment - One of the most important layers that a Luxury vinyl plank flooring includes is the underlayment layer. This layer is essential for letting the flooring offer a comfortable walking surface by simultaneously retaining the irritating noise created when you walk on them.

Benefits you get from LVP flooring:

Benefits you get from LVP flooring

The reasons why people prefer LVP flooring for their residential and commercial spaces are not just restricted to their looks. In fact, it is their benefits that attract the consumers the most. Some prominent benefits that you can find in luxury vinyl flooring are:

Availability of designs

Since luxury vinyl flooring is available in several color options, you get the availability of designs when you look for suitable LVP flooring. Of course, budget plays an important role in this factor, as the more you spend on flooring, the more options you’ll have. However, if you have a packed budget, you can still find so many options in designs that are pretty affordable and fits your budget.

Extremely durable

One of the things that we expect from flooring is, of course, durability. The composition of many rigid materials offers the luxury vinyl flooring the strength to withstand breaks and cracks for an extremely long time. Moreover, the benefits of durability not just save these vinyl plank flooring from breaking but also offers a smooth and scratch-resistant finish to the surface.

Easier to clean and maintain

Everyone looks for elements in their houses that are easier to maintain and clean. LVP flooring does not require a horrendous cleaning procedure in order to make the flooring look great as new. You can just mop the floor regularly, which will turn out great. In addition, you are not required to buy any specific kind of cleaning, you can use a home-made cleaner to clean the planks. Just make sure that you are not using any harsh chemicals otherwise, you will end up with faded flooring.

Resembles a legit wooden flooring

One of the main reasons why people consider opting for luxury vinyl plank flooring is because they resemble legit wooden flooring. The soft textures with mild shades look exactly similar to the classic wooden flooring. Therefore, your indoors gets a fascinating appearance via these scenic flooring designs.

Resistance against moisture

If you give luxury vinyl flooring a shot, you will get the benefit of a 100% moisture-resistant flooring option. In addition, the planks are suitable for locations with high moisture content. So, you can consider using these planks in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, dining area, balcony, basement, etcetera.

Is it hard to install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Is it hard to install Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Now comes the tricky part!

Installing the LVP flooring is not something that you should hesitate from as it might be systematic but definitely not challenging at all. One with fine DIY skills can easily install luxury vinyl flooring. Just follow some simple steps, and your flooring will be set in no time.

Moving forward, gluing, nail down, click lock, floating, etcetera are some popular installation methods to fix the luxury vinyl plank flooring. This might sound tricky, but it is really easy to do. Plus, the procedure is not time-taking compared to tiling the floors.

Furthermore, keep some essential points in mind while installing the planks. The following points are highly recommended for installing the vinyl plank flooring:

  • Clean the floors completely and remove dust, rocks, and any other elements that can disturb the plank’s alignment.
  • If you are using the glue-down method, give the flooring some time to dry and fix before placing furniture.
  • Don’t be in haste to walk on the planks, as they need some time to set.
  • Use safety pads under furniture legs to avoid damaging the flooring.

The final analysis:

The final analysis on LVP flooring would be that to understand the benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring, you must give them a shot. Thus, choosing luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent decision that you can consider for your homes because it will serve its purpose in terms of looks, efficiency, and longevity.

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