Bamboo Flooring is Your Solution for an Eco-friendly Flooring Alternative!

by Team BuildMyplace on Oct 27, 2022

Eco Friendly Bamboo Flooring

One of the best things about bamboo flooring is that they are affordable. No matter how much your budget is, you will always find an option in bamboo wood flooring. If you have second thoughts that a cheaper flooring could be cheaper in quality as well, then you must know about the amazing qualities of solid bamboo flooring. There are numerous qualities and features that will make you understand its worth.

  • You can use waterproof bamboo flooring in the bathing or shower area.
  • They are eligible for commercial applications.
  • You can easily clean them.
  • Heavy furniture will not dent or scratch your flooring.
  • It does not have a high maintenance cost.

Why Should You Go With Bamboo Flooring?

  • Bamboo Flooring
    They are inexpensive

    If budget is something that restricts you from making any severe changes in your home renovation, then this might be a game changer. Although we understand how expensive flooring can be, this is why we have brought you an inexpensive alternative. The engineered bamboo flooring is pretty economical, and you can easily afford them.

  • They last longer than hardwood flooring

    As a matter of fact, bamboo wood flooring lasts longer than hardwood flooring. Typical hardwood flooring can easily break even if the furniture’s load is too much for them to handle. But, with bamboo floors, your flooring will not break or crack. Instead, it will endure the weight and last for an extended period.

    Bamboo Wood Flooring
  • Waterproof Bamboo Flooring
    Moisture cannot damage them

    We have good news for you if you are concerned that bamboo is not an ideal flooring to use in moist environments. You can use the waterproof bamboo flooring in your moist indoors like bathroom, kitchen, dining room, laundry, balcony, etcetera. Not to forget, bamboos are grass, so its moisture absorption rate is pretty impressive. Thus, they will not compromise their structure or get damaged due to moisture.

  • This flooring is not temperature sensitive

    If you think that you have got limited flooring options because you live in an extremely cold, humid, or hot area, then give it a rest. Bamboo wood flooring is quite a reliable quality flooring and is not temperature sensitive. So, it does not matter if you live in some cabin in the woods or snow-covered mountains, your engineered bamboo flooring will be safe for the longest.

    Engineered Bamboo Flooring
  • Wide Range of Solid Bamboo Flooring
    Variants are available in bamboo flooring

    You get plenty of variants in solid bamboo flooring. These variants include different colors, designs, and finish options. You can choose a suitable variant depending on what place you want the flooring. For instance, a darker shade will go best in large areas like hotel lobbies or hospital receptions. Simultaneously, for bedrooms, you should go with a lighter shade.

What makes bamboo flooring eco-friendly?

Bamboo flooring is indeed an eco-friendly option you can use in your indoors because they don’t seem to have any harmful side effects on the environment. They are all-natural and do not include any trouble-causing elements in their composition.

Typical hardwood flooring tends to swell or form a mold layer due to moisture interference. Thus, they end up in dump yards. But waterproof bamboo flooring will not end up in a dumping ground as it can last in wet environments.

Do not think solid bamboo flooring is hard to decompose or may be next to impossible. This natural material engineered bamboo flooring is biodegradable. So, it will not harm the environment after it has served its purpose.

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