Comparison between Standard Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Flooring!

by Team BuildMyplace on Nov 14, 2022

Comparison between Standard Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Flooring has always been a significant aspect for everyone involved in a renovation project or looking for a good flooring option. In recent years, standard vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring have gained popularity and convinced many homeowners to use them. Well, they are good alternatives to natural hardwood flooring because they are cost-effective. But the cost is not always the priority, so how can they be a better choice for your home or business? Also, considering one for indoors is a really excellent choice.

If you need clarification about making a choice, the blog defines a detailed comparison between standard vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring. They both have some major differences, making them suitable for customers as per requirements.

Luxury Vinyl vs. Standard Vinyl Flooring - Major Differences

Let’s start with standard vinyl plank flooring, which is often referred to as an alternative to hardwood flooring or tiling. The floors are widely popular among consumers because of their affordability and unique designs. They come in either flexible sheets or square tiles and are made up of a thin backing layer of fiberglass which is bonded with solid vinyl. The vinyl layer comes with attractive designs and a transparent protective coating. With these layers, the flooring becomes prone to gouging and tearing, which makes it quite hard underfoot.

The formation of luxury vinyl plank flooring is quite different from standard vinyl flooring. But they both are made up of the same PVC vinyl. The LVP flooring is sold in planks or tiles with a wear layer. This semi-rigid flooring is considerably thicker than standard vinyl and comes with click-lock interlocking edges. Using this flooring in any interior can give the decent look of hardwood and has performed exceptionally well for years. You will get a cushion layer of foam to make floors comfortable to walk on.

Standard Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring


It is Thin compared to LVP flooring.

It is thick because of its more rigid construction.

Installation Method

Generally uses the full glue-down method.

It comes with click-lock edge joints to perfect installation.


The floors are prone to scratches.

These floors are scratch-resistant.

Water Resistance

With vinyl sheets, they are waterproof.

LVP flooring is waterproof.


Standard vinyl floors have a limited lifetime warranty for residential use and 25 years warranty for commercial use.

Luxury vinyl flooring also comes with a limited lifetime warranty for residential use and 50 years warranty for commercial use.


Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Appearance

When it comes to appearance, standard vinyl flooring is quite famous for delivering the natural wooden flooring or marble flooring look. Not only this, but the floors have several options of designs, patterns, and colors to grace your interior.

On the other hand, luxury vinyl plank flooring is known for its stunning look of hardwood. Along with this, the luxury vinyl tiles are excellent at imitating the design of natural stone and ceramic tiles. You will get a range of colors and designs in this flooring as well.

Water & Heat Resistance

Vinyl Flooring Water & Heat Resistant

If you are trying to use one of these flooring options in your bathroom, kitchen, or any other wet location, you can go for any of them. Standard vinyl sheets come with highly water-resistant materials making them a good option. Plus, these sheets have fewer seams, meaning they will not allow water to penetrate through to the subfloors.

With luxury vinyl plank flooring, you will get complete waterproof performance because the material used to create it is impervious to water damage. But, you can face a problem of water seeping down to the underlayment because of the seams between tiles.

Care & Cleaning

Care & Cleaning of Vinyl Plank Flooring

The caring and cleaning process should be the same in both flooring options. You can clean them by sweeping or vacuuming daily. Plus, the stains and spills will easily be removed with a simple wipe of a wet cotton cloth. Along with this, you can also keep the shine of the floors over time by cleaning them with a mop and warm water mixed with mild soap. Avoid using sealers or waxes because they can dull the look of the floors. With simple cleaning, you can keep the attractive and appealing impact of the floors for years without requiring any upgrade or high maintenance.


Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is Durable

The durability of standard vinyl flooring is extremely robust, and they are resistant to scratches, dents, and tears. Somehow, if the surface of the floors gets damaged, it is quite hard to repair. After the floors are damaged, you may bear high maintenance costs or replace the flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring is more rigid and durable than standard vinyl. Even if the floors get damaged, you can disassemble them to remove the damaged plank and replace it with a new one. With this flooring option, you will get the benefit of replacing single or multiple planks without facing high maintenance costs.


Easy Installation Process of LVP flooring

The installation process of standard vinyl flooring includes glue-down flooring. It simply creates a secure bond between the flooring and underlayment. Also, you can go for another type of installation in which the flooring is secured with glue only around the edges and along the seams. It confirms that the installation of standard vinyl flooring is secured with the glue-down method.

Regarding LVP flooring, you will get a click-lock installation method to install the flooring on your premises. With the help of this click-lock system, the edges of the flooring will interlock with each other. The floor float over the subfloor as it does not need any glue to create a secured bond with underlayment. Still, you will get a glue-down option in luxury vinyl plank flooring.


Lifespan of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The lifespan of standard vinyl flooring is anticipated to be 25 years on its use in commercial premises. Also, you will get a limited lifetime warranty on this vinyl flooring for residential use.

The use of luxury vinyl flooring in residential places comes with a limited lifetime warranty for a piece of mind. Plus, the floors have a minimum of 50 years of life expectancy for commercial use. When it comes to lifespan, it is simple to understand that LVP flooring is better than standard vinyl flooring.

Resale Value

LVP flooring

When it comes to resale value, standard vinyl flooring is generally seen as a bargain flooring material. You will never get an improved resale value with it.

The latest luxury vinyl flooring offerings are at least comparable, meaning they are the better option than laminate flooring and always carry more resale value.

Comfort & Sound

LVP Flooring is Comfortable and Soundproof

With standard vinyl flooring, you will get less comfort underfoot because of its thin layers and hardness. Also, the floors can be cold underfoot, especially when you install them over concrete subfloors. Plus, the floors also block sounds for noise-free performance.

On the flip side, luxury vinyl flooring comes with extra thickness and softness underfoot that provide a gentle performance. Along with this, the floors are also good at blocking sound. You will get an unforgettable flooring experience with LVP flooring because of its foam underlayment.


The detailed comparison between standard vinyl flooring and luxury vinyl flooring is completed. Now, you are familiar with both flooring and able to make a choice better for your premises. The decision will always depend on your necessities and capability to afford any flooring option. If you go with luxury vinyl flooring, it is usual to face a little high budget. With standard vinyl flooring, you can complete the flooring task of your premises on a tight budget. It is simple to decide which flooring is best for you in terms of features, performance, and cost.

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