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Easy Tips To Clean Pull Down Faucets And Spray Heads!

Easy Tips To Clean Pull Down Faucets And Spray Heads!
Easy Tips To Clean Pull Down Faucets And Spray Heads!
Easy Tips To Clean Pull Down Faucets And Spray Heads!
Easy Tips To Clean Pull Down Faucets And Spray Heads!


Pull down faucets are one of the most efficient kitchen fixtures that are not used just to clean dirty dishes but its flexible spray head helps in rinsing fruits and vegetables. Plus, you can clean the kitchen sink and counter area with this flexible attachment. In simple words, this kitchen sink faucet is helpful for all sorts of cleaning required in the kitchen.

However, have you ever thought about cleaning the kitchen tap? If this thought does not strike your mind, you must consider doing it. This is a healthy practice that promotes sanitation and personal hygiene. However, some might think that the process is time-consuming and costs a lot. Well, for what it’s worth, we are going to discuss some basic steps that you can do yourself to clean your pull down sprayer kitchen faucets.

Why do pull down faucets require cleaning?

Why do pull down faucets require cleaning?

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The pull down faucets may require cleaning due to various reasons:

  • To maintain its looks - Of course, the primary reason one would make up its mind to clean the pull down kitchen faucet is to maintain its looks. No matter how horrendously you clean your faucet or what expensive cleaners you go with, the faucet will get dirty sooner or later. It naturally collects a greasy layer or water stain marks. This is why cleaning becomes necessary, as it helps you make the faucet look good as new.
  • To regain apt water flow - You might have observed that the water flowing from the faucet is less consistent than it used to be. This can sometimes happen when dirt or dust particles collect inside the kitchen tap plumbing line. This is why cleaning the faucet is important so that your kitchen sink tap can regain the apt water flow.
  • To tighten the loose fittings - If you observe that the handles and sprayer of your pull down spray kitchen faucets loosen over time, you should opt to clean them. This way, you will tighten all the loose fittings and clean them for the best.
  • To disinfect the kitchen tap - It is evident that germs surround us. But does it mean that we should neglect them? Well, this is something that no one should avoid. This is the reason why cleaning the kitchen sink faucet has become even more compulsory. It would be best if you did it to disinfect the faucet. This way, you will not let germs and bacteria affect your health via food.

What equipments do you require for cleaning pull down faucets?

  • An adjustable wrench
  • White vinegar or any cleaner of your choice
  • Clean cloth pieces
  • A thin needle, pin or cleaning brush
  • A bowl
  • A cleaning sponge

Steps to clean pull down faucets

Steps to clean pull down faucets

Once you are done collecting all the required materials, it is time to proceed forward with the cleaning process. It is a simple DIY process, and it does not take plenty of time. You can finish the cleaning task in a few hours, and your faucet will look clean and beautiful.

Remove the aerator and clean it.

An aerator is a thin film line that one can find on the faucet’s head. You will not find it easily. This is why you need a torch to see if the aerator is dirty or not. Remove the hose head by unscrewing it from the front of your pull down kitchen faucet and gently tap it on the counter. This way, the aerator will come out. Now, take a needle or pin and clean the dirt and other sediments that are collected inside the tiny holes. Cleaning the aerator is also important because if it is clogged, it can result in a reduced water flow.

Clean the spray head

Once you are done with the aerator, it is time to move forward with the spray head. Grab an adjustable wrench and unscrew the spray head from the faucet’s body. Now take a bowl and pour water and white vinegar to make a solution. You can also go with any cleaner of your choice. Now, put the spray head in the solution and leave it for a couple of hours. A few hours later, you will notice that the clear water has turned dirty, and dirt and sediments are floating inside. For better results, leave the spray head overnight.

Next, take it out and wipe it with a clean cloth piece. Now put it back into the faucet and fix it with the help of a wrench. Now it is time to move on to the faucet’s body.

Wipe the faucet body

Once you are done cleaning dirt from inside the faucet, you can proceed with cleaning the body. First, take a cloth piece and soak it in water. Now, gently wipe the faucet’s body and clean the visible spots, stains, and marks. After that, take a cleaning sponge and dish liquid. Carefully scrape all the tough stain marks from the faucet body without scratching its finish. Now, rinse the foam with the help of water. If you still see marks, you can repeat this step again. Otherwise, wipe it with a dry cloth.


To summarise the above tips, cleaning the pull down faucets is not such a chaotic task but is necessary for sure. It will hardly take you a few hours to clean your pull down spray kitchen faucets, but it will leave a healthy impact on your health. Thus, it would help if you prefer doing this every once in a while. This way, your faucet will look flawlessly perfect. Plus, you will be able to maintain the water’s flow rate. However, if the water flow is still inconsistent, you might want to check for the plumbing lines.

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