Everything You Need to Know About Lazy Susan Cabinet

by Team BuildMyplace on Jun 27, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Lazy Susan Cabinet


When discussing kitchen cabinets, tons of accessories make them functional and accessible. The Lazy Susan cabinet is one of the functional add-ons in the kitchen cabinet industry. It is a popular choice that homeowners prefer to utilize the congested spaces in the kitchen.

The lazy Susan corner cabinet is a functional choice for all kitchen configurations. It does not matter if the kitchen is small, medium, or large. The lazy Susan corner cabinet will always come in handy. Moving on, the blog will help you understand the detailed knowledge of a Lazy Susan cabinet.


What are Lazy Susan cabinets?

What are Lazy Susan cabinets?

The lazy Susan cabinet contains a 360 degrees rotating tray set-up that helps you reach the toughest corners that are hidden in the kitchen’s blind corners. Usually, these cabinets have 2 shelves that replicate the mechanism of a turntable.

These cabinets are placed beneath the sink or other hard-to-reach corners. The rotating tray holds your stuff, and you can keep more than expected. The best part about these cabinets is that they are perfect for kitchen organizing. Not just the Lazy Susan cabinet but the trays are also helpful. You can organize your kitchen counter using lazy susan trays and place small condiments jars and bottles on top.


Benefits of Lazy Susan cabinet

Benefits of Lazy Susan cabinet

Accessibility to blind corners

There’s a reason why this cabinet is called a corner cabinet, i.e., easy reach in the blind corners. You can totally relate when a cookie jar gets way too far from your reach in blind corners, and you find it hard to get it out. But with a lazy Susan corner cabinet, you can easily put it out. Just turn the shelve forward, and you will easily pick things that were earlier kept far.


Easy for spotting things

Just like the accessibility part, the Lazy Susan cabinet is an advantageous pick when it comes to spotting things. Small items like spice boxes, candy jars, cereal boxes, etcetera, are hard to spot, especially when you are in a hurry. The corner cabinet helps you out with that. You can use the turntable mechanism to spot whatever is hidden from your sight.


Prevents clutter and maximizes space

One of the best things about keeping lazy Susan corner trays is that they help you prevent clutter. You can avoid a messy cabinet shelf and place things on the trays. This is best to avoid unnecessary clutter that makes the cabinet look unorganized.


Types of Lazy Susans

Types of Lazy Susans

There is no particular shape of a lazy Susan cabinet tray. You can find options and settle for the best pick for your lazy Susan corner cabinet. Here are the popular types of lazy susans:



These are complete circle trays. These types of lazy susans have full coverage, and you can keep too many items at once.



Semi circle tray option is the perfect option for narrow-opening cabinet doors. It is usually used in pantry cabinets as the flat side makes it easy to close the door.


Triangular cut

The shape of the tray resembles a kidney bean. It is round from the outer edges but has a slight triangular cut from the inside. You can easily open and shut the cabinet door using these types of lazy susans.


Organizing with Lazy Susans

Organizing with Lazy Susans

You can search for some go-to add-ons that will help you easily use the lazy Susans. First of all, organizer baskets are perfect for sorting items. For example, you can separate dry and liquid items using the basket organizers.


Things to follow to avoid size issues

Lazy susan cabinet sizes can vary on your cabinet’s dimensions. A lazy suan corner cabinet tray for an 18-inch high cabinet will be different than the one you will opt for a 20-inch high cabinet.

To avoid ending up with the wrong-size lazy susan, you need to follow some important steps.

  1.  Properly measure the depth and width of your corner cabinet.
  2. Deduct 4 inches from the measurement to get an accurate diameter measurement for the tray.
  3. Look out for the cabinet’s height before finalizing the number of shelves.


Maintenance for Lazy Susans

Maintenance for Lazy Susans

To ensure that your lazy susans work properly for a long time, you need to make the right call regarding their care and maintenance. Both cleaning and maintenance play a crucial role in enhancing its longevity. Below are some tips you must follow:

  • Clean the shelves using a soft cloth and mild cleaning liquids.
  • Regularly vacuum the cabinets from the inside to prevent bugs.
  • Be gentle when using water, as it can ruin the tray’s quality.
  • Use a sponge and plastic tools to pick out dirt, as metal scrubs and tools can leave scratch marks.
  • Using harsh and ammonia-based chemicals can wear down the cabinet’s finish.


Placement options

A lazy Susan cabinet is not limited to the kitchen. You can use it in several settings. Here are some popular placement options.

  • Kitchen - Lazy Susan is a popular choice for several kitchen parts. You can use it as a spice shelf, an organizer for base cabinets, and under-the-sink cabinets.
  • Pantry - You can sort your groceries in the pantry using lazy Susan trays.
  • Bedroom - You can keep the tray inside your wardrobe or over the side table to put chargers, phones, and other items.
  • Dressing area - As intriguing as it sounds, it is the best way to de-clutter your messy dressing area. You can organize jewelry, perfumes, watches, and other go-to-items that are necessary daily but take a lot of time to spot.
  • Bathroom - It is the best way to keep shampoo and conditioner bottles in their place. Plus, the bathroom does not look overfilled with items.
  • Dining table - Using a lazy susan tray to organize spice and table condiments is the best way to decorate your dining table. It takes a few minutes to set the tray, but it looks perfect.

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