Guide To Get The Best Coretec Flooring!

by Team BuildMyplace on Aug 26, 2021

Guide To Get The Best Coretec Flooring!

Coretec Flooring has gained popularity in recent years, and there are lots of options available in the market.

If you purchase the Coretec flooring, you will come across COREtec Plus flooring and COREtec Pro Plus flooring and must be confused about them. What’s the difference? Why are they so popular? Do people like COREtec vinyl flooring? What is the real feedback of customers?

There could be more questions related to it. In this guide, we will help you clear all your doubts and choose the best coretec flooring for your home.

So ready? Let’s start the discussion!

What is Coretec Vinyl Flooring?

Coretec was first introduced in the market in 2017 as new luxury vinyl. Since then till now, it is one of the most lovable and top brands. This type of flooring is commonly known as LVP; abbreviating it, we get Luxury Vinyl Plank or LVT, which stands for luxury vinyl tile. We will also discuss the difference in a moment.

It is a highly engineered flooring designed by sandwiching multiple layers. It is durable and looks great. It is a perfect choice for a place that gets wet and is moisture-prone.

What is LVP?

What is LVP

LVP stands for luxury vinyl plank, one of the best types of coretec vinyl flooring in the market, and is highly popular.

Vinyl Plank is designed with 3 layers:

  1.       A strong core or base layer.
  2.       A designer layer that gives the floor its look and makes it highly attractive.
  3.       A durable wear layer for its long lifespan.

LVP can have a rigid or flexible core, though the maximum best vinyl plank flooring products are rigid. Moreover, rigid LVP is also known as EVP flooring, which stands for ‘Engineered Vinyl Plank.’

What is the difference between LVP and LVT?

What is the difference between LVP and LVT

Nothing, to be specific!

Coretec Vinyl plank resembles the wood planks. It is not surprising; this means they resemble different types of wood flooring- Oak, ash, and teak flooring.

Vinyl tiles, as the name suggests, resemble different types of tile like porcelain or granite.

Confusingly, many people refer to both types of flooring as ‘LVT.’ We refer to all luxury vinyl products as vinyl planks.

Well, whatever you call it, luxury vinyl is a popular choice for people looking for gorgeous, attractive, and durable flooring that is apt for kids, pets, and busy areas.

The Specialty of Coretec Flooring!

There are many reasons that coretec flooring is highly popular and is considered the best choice for contemporary homes. So let’s discuss some features which have become the major attraction of the coretec flooring.

  1.   The core of the Coretec flooring!

As we have discussed earlier, coretec vinyl planks can have a flexible or a rigid core.

Well, with a rigid core, you will have some options.

Many rigid-core LVP brands use a harder type of vinyl in their cores. At the same time, many others blend their cores with other materials for additional benefits.

The two most popular types of these blended types of rigid-core vinyl plank floors are SPC flooring and WPC flooring.

SPC flooring uses limestone powder for extra durability in its core, while WPC flooring uses high-quality sawdust in its core for better comfort.

  1.   The super-comfortable core of Coretec’s WPC!

One of the most significant drawbacks of Coretec vinyl plank flooring is that it can feel hard or artificial underfoot. That means those brands using vinyl-only core can be uncomfortable to walk on.

You can use a wood-polymer composite (WPC) that can soften the flooring while maintaining durability. The best quality of the coretec flooring is that it is 100% waterproof and so always gets a positive review of incredible comfort!

  1.   The high-quality wear layer!

Coretec vinyl flooring has a thick wear layer which makes it scratch and stain-resistant. In addition, this flooring has a standard 20-mil wear layer which is very effective.

The Specialty of Coretec Flooring!

Coretec also introduced products with the industry’s first 15-year scratch warranty. Again, this is something very exciting and incomparable to other brands.

  1.   Cork Underlayment for extra bounce

The advantage of cork underlayment is that you will get flexibility and warmth without experiencing any real disadvantage of cork flooring. In addition, this underlayment creates a more sound-dampening, protected, and comfortable floor. So, some best-quality coretec vinyl plank flooring uses cork as their underlayment layer for this reason only.

Coretec’s cork underlayment comes between its WPC core and the subfloor. The subflooring is the raw surface on which your flooring is installed.

Various Types of Coretec Vinyl Flooring

When you start understanding the Coretec vinyl flooring, you will get to know that there are many different collections. So let’s break them down and understand them better.

  1. What is the difference between coretec and coretec plus flooring?

Coretec Plus is the most popular product of coretec flooring. It is the latest version of the original technology, which was called the coretec one.

Coretec Plus is known to offer the widest range of styles and looks of any coretec collection. It also includes hardwood floors with thin strips, wide plank wood flooring looks, and tiles that resemble natural stone and porcelain.

  1. What is Coretec Pro Plus?

Coretec Pro plus is highly popular due to its high durability and efficiency for commercial spaces and areas with high traffic. It has a denser and stronger core layer with scratch and stain resistance features. In addition, it is more suitable for high-traffic areas because it has a compressed vinyl core instead of a WPC core.

Both coretec plus flooring and coretec pro plus are great products with different prices and warranties. This difference shows their individual levels of durability and functionality.

  1. What other products are offered by the Coretec brand?

Coretec brand also offers Coretec stone and coretec wood. These products have 100% waterproof high-density mineral core, which will not wrap. They are different from the WPC in coretec plus or the compressed vinyl in coretec pro plus.

Coretec wood can be defined as the hybrid between hardwood and vinyl flooring. It uses real wood veneers with a composite core.

Coretec stone resembles LVP and is built with grout lines to resemble actual tile. While both these products have their respective users, they are not as popular as coretec vinyl flooring.

The advantages of Coretec Vinyl Flooring

Coretec Plus flooring and coretec pro plus flooring are luxurious floorings that emphasize the style in your home. If you are looking for cheaper flooring, this may not be your choice, but it provides many perks to the users.

So let’s discuss these advantages in detail.

  •  The comfortable WPC core

The users have confirmed that coretec vinyl flooring is very comfortable to walk in. However, even the best vinyl plank floor can be rough and uncomfortable underfoot. It is highly suitable for pets and children to sleep or play comfortably on the floor.

  • The extra bounce with cork underlayment

The in-built cork underlayment adds bounce with the coretec flooring. It is very comfortable when compared to other floorings. However, it does not include the cons provided by cork flooring, like water damage and not being suitable for pets.

  • They are 100% waterproof

They are 100% waterproof

Coretec vinyl flooring is suitable for many areas in the home. All the coretec products are 100% waterproof and are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms without warping or any damage.

  • Very easy to install

Very easy to install

Coretec vinyl flooring is very easy to install, whether you do it by yourself or hire some professional. You can glue down or install a floating floor which is the best way to install coretec flooring.

  • Installed over radiant heat

Installed over radiant heat

Coretec vinyl flooring can be installed over radiant heat as it is very dimensionally stable. It is also known as the best heating wood floors and a great affordable solution.

  • It is Greenguard certified

They are greenguard certified, which ensures that they emit low chemical emissions and improve indoor air quality. In addition, Coretec vinyl flooring is known to have the lowest volatile chemicals, making them a safe option.

Let’s compare Coretec flooring to other flooring options!

We have discussed almost everything about coretec flooring. Now is the time to compare it to other flooring options out there.

  1.  Coretec Plus vs. other luxury vinyl plank

There are some other LVP brands available in the market which are the same as coretec. The major differences between those brands and coretec plus are the core materials and color or finish options.

  1.  Coretec Plus vs. laminate flooring

Coretec Plus vs. laminate flooring

It is difficult to know the differences between vinyl plank vs. laminate. Laminate flooring uses high-density fiberboard as its core, while vinyl has all plastic composition. As a result, laminate shows different wood floor patterns or wood floor designs, and vinyl has its own design layer.

Laminate is not a waterproof option and also has VOC problems. Though non-toxic laminate materials also exist.

  1.  Coretec vs. hardwood

Coretec vs. hardwood

We will have to accept the fact that the best hardwood floors are gorgeous but costly. Moreover, they need high maintenance, unlike coretec. The temperature change can be a big challenge for this flooring as it can warp or experience long-term damage. Coretec, on the other hand, does not require any special attention.


To conclude, both coretec pro plus and coretec plus flooring are gorgeous flooring options. They are attractive, durable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

The only issue associated with them is the huge price tag.

But coretec is an excellent product, and its popularity defines it amazingly.

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