Modern and Best Bathroom Tiles for a Spa-Like Bathroom on a Budget

by Team BuildMyplace on Apr 08, 2022

Modern and Best Bathroom Tiles for a Spa-Like Bathroom on a Budget

Choosing the modern and best bathroom tiles for a Spa-Like bathroom is not easy. There are so many options available in shape, design, texture, and color that it can be confusing and overwhelming. Many years ago, tiles were used mostly for their main benefits( water resistance, low maintenance, durability), but nowadays, their appearance is just as necessary as their function. That is the main reason why manufacturers are expanding their collections to deliver really great styles for homes. A few best tiles are available, such as Porcelain Bathroom Tiles, ceramic tiles for bathrooms, and grey bathroom tiles. On the recommendation of our tiles expert, we have specified the top 2022 best bathroom tiles for a spa-like bathroom on a budget. Also focused on shapes, colors, patterns, and finishes. 

1: Porcelain Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles offer the best and great variations of colors, styles, sizes, and designs, making them perfect to match the bathroom decor, walls, and floorings. It is a magnificent tile that lasts for decades, looking luxurious and classy. If you go back to history, this tile has been used in most famous buildings and sculptures worldwide. It can be used in different places such as floors, walls, kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. This stone gives a charming and enriching look to your home and office. You can consider this as a lifetime luxury investment. 

Porcelain bathroom tiles don’t need frequent maintenance and have low maintenance costs compared to marbles. This tile has the ability to absorb red wine, hard water minerals, lemon juice, etc. Although porcelain tiles come in various styles and sizes, they can be customized. This tile is made from the same material as ceramic tiles for the bathroom. However, porcelain tiles are non-porous and less slippery.  

This tile has an easy installation process and runs longer than standard tiles. 

2: Go for Matte Finishes, move from glossy tiles

matte finish tile’s

The matte finish tile’s popularity has come with the same craze from last to this year. They offer a beautiful yet soft style that doesn’t look over. Unlike glossy tiles, matte finishes do not show watermarks and smudges. This makes these tiles perfect for bathroom floors, especially busy ones. With the low sheen, it's easier to maintain them. Matte finish does not reflect light so before installing it, make sure that there is sufficient lighting, both artificial and natural. 

gloss tiles

Glossy tiles offer a more dramatic impact on the bathroom backsplash. They can create a highly polished, elegant feel and look. This is the main reason why they are still in demand. They are also excellent for small bathrooms as they can reflect light and create a larger space perception than it seems. But their main con is that they need frequent and more maintenance work and are slippery. Therefore, glossy finish tiles are motley used on low-traffic bathroom floors or walls. 

Matte finish offers unspoken sophistication and elegance. If you want to have an earthy style for your bathroom floor or walls, you should definitely consider a matte finish. But if you are looking for a bit more attention capturing and dramatic, then glossy finish tiles are the right choice for you. 

3: Neutral Tiles – Especially White

Neutral Tiles

Modern styles use neutral colors, which is one of the popular bathroom tile trends of 2022. Bright colors and shades such as yellow, red, and blue are not preferred for bathrooms and will not be a common choice anytime soon. Instead, homeowners are getting more attracted to neutrals tiles, especially nude neutrals, including creams and grey bathroom tiles. Beige and grey have become the first choice as modern neutral tiles. So much that a color name “Greige” has emergy and is available at many places. 

Understand all the latest design ideas to get a proper styling route for your project. White is perfect for the bathroom with a bit more lighting. These colors enhance the atmosphere as the bathrooms are for relaxing. With neutral colors, the mind stays relaxed and calm by creating a natural environment in the home. From the ceiling to flooring, you can use these colors all the way. Add a layer in various shades of textures, neutral colors, finishes, and shapes to bring everything together in a lovely and new way, ensuring that the bathroom backsplash doesn’t look lifeless. 

4: Larger Delightful Subway Tiles

Subway Tiles

Many people may think that subway tile can be dull and boring due to its name. However, those white rectangle tiles can be quite useful. In 2022, subway tiles are getting more interesting, and people consider them for good pattern and size. Particularly, we will see these tiles coming in larger sizes, more colors, and specific design patterns ( arched, sculptural, beveled, and dome). In addition, these tiles are getting longer and thicker. Pairing it with a contrasting grout color can set a marvelous reversal from an all-white to subway tile look. Adding a couple of various colors of tile in horizontal and vertical bands or combining different pattern tiles can create a stunning wall mosaic bathroom tile. 

It's becoming popular amongst homeowners by using different tiles textures or patterns to get the unique and impressive bathroom design everyone desire. There are endless possibilities since subway tiles can be easily mixed and matched in different variations. 

5: Different Dimensional Bathroom Tiles

Along with the diverse variety of patterns and colors of tiles, companies are also promoting and selling tiles with different shapes. Bathroom tile trends in 2022 will have various geometric shapes such as rectangles. One specific shape which has attracted many customers in recent years is the hexagon. These tiles are making their path back into the bathroom with different textures, colors, and sizes, especially for the shower floors, to create an amazingly different look. 

Create special patterns with different varieties and colors of tiles. For example, place the tiles on the bathroom floors in geometric shapes tiles, big, bold tiles with graphic design patterns, and use unique color patterns to make a visually appealing and complicated style. 

Geometric tiles can be placed on entire floorings or walls to make the bathroom look appealing, or they can create a bold look in the bathroom by using them on an accent wall. 

In small size bathrooms, they make the space look bigger with neutral colors. In big bathrooms, they create elegant accents in places such as the makeup station or spa area. 

6: Wood Planks for Flooring

Wood Planks for Flooring

Wood planks are in the beginning to make a bang in the tile marketplace. For a few times, non-traditional tiles have been getting popular. Many people prefer larger tiles, but with planks, you can easily customize the size of the tile. There are many common, realistic wood-grained tiles such as maple, cheery & oak; lots of finishes are available to make them seem weathered, whitewashed, or distressed. Porcelain wood grain tiles are the bathroom's best choice since they provide effective water and stain resistance without compromising design aesthetics. These tiles enhance the organic feel in a bathroom area. You can mix concrete and natural stone planks with wood grains for a more modern look. This combination adds a unique but good appearance to your flooring style. 

7: Modern Graphic Tile Patterns for Bathrooms

Whether you want to use graphic tile patterns on the wall or floor, it’s the perfect choice for bathrooms backsplash. Either bol contrasting colors or soft fine shades, the complex patterns available for graphic tiles capture your heart and attract your attention. This is the no.1 trend as it is a huge success and will dominate the future. It will continue to expand its popularity with its great pattern designs. From ceramic to subway tiles, it’s easy to choose the graphic pattern, as it can be used everywhere and anywhere, especially in your bathroom backsplash. This type of pattern tiles gives a chance to homeowners to go into their creative side, or you can also contact a designer for creativity. We have mostly seen ceramic tiles with pattern tiles as a first choice. However, porcelain tiles are also coming into the market with the same thing.    

8: Textural Tiled Finishes

Add color depth, surface interest, and variation in the bathroom area by combining textured field tile. The textures look pronounced and suitable for depending on the tile finish, desired color, and materials used. 

3D dimensional textural tiles can inspire anything, from a place or object to a feeling. These tiles come in various styles, sizes, and shapes that can be combined with endless combinations for a space. 

These tiles are attractive enough to form new focal points using unique applications and pieces at your places. This will make your bathroom, dining room wall, and complete home look more appealing. 

9: Shining Metallic Finishes

Metallic is one of the most shining star tiles of the bathroom trends. This is more of an upcoming trend for the bathrooms. However, people already love it. Metallic finishes are reflective and shiny, giving your bathroom a makeover and gorgeous look. This modern look makes a place in the market with its appealing finishes and shine. Ceramic tiles for the bathroom are also one of the modern shining tiles which is famous for their quality. 


Choosing the right bathroom tiles for your place is a challenging job. First, there is so much variety available in the market. Then, you need to choose the finish, shape, and color of the material to suit your requirements. We hope that the above-mentioned 2022 bathroom trends will help you choose the tiles that suit your bathroom walls or floors. 

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