Style Your Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinets - Learn About Different Cabinet Door Styles

by Team BuildMyplace on May 04, 2023

Style Your Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinets - Learn About Different Cabinet Door Styles


When it comes to styling the kitchen, kitchen cabinets play a vital role. Nowadays, cabinets are more than just an element to store utilities. You can select from various cabinet door styles to come with a particular style that will set a unique look for your kitchen. There are so many styles for cabinet doors that can take your kitchen’s vibe to the next level. For instance, you can choose recessed panel doors for your kitchen cabinet doors to give the kitchen a modern decor.

Different cabinet door styles are inspired by different looks. Depending on your preferences, they can be vintage, modern, or contemporary. However, you must understand the basic difference between the styles of kitchen cabinet doors. This way, you will give your kitchen a defined character more precisely.

Let’s understand the difference between these cabinet door styles with the help of this blog.


Flat or Recessed Panel Doors

Flat or Recessed Panel Doors

If we talk about popularity, flat panel cabinet doors are one of the most popular cabinet door styles. Shaker cabinet doors come under the flat panel style. These cabinet door styles have a modern look, and the clean lines make it look more interesting. Beadboard is yet another popular option you can consider in recessed panel doors. It is cozy-looking, and you can go with it if you wish to give a mild look to your kitchen decor.


Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised Panel Cabinets

In raised panel kitchen cabinet doors, the door is elevated from the center. This is a traditional door style that contains proper detailing. So, those who are looking forward to giving their decor a decorative effect can settle with this style.


Flat or Slab Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Flat or Slab Panel Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Do not get confused with flat panel and flat cabinet door styles. As you can understand by its name, these cabinet doors have a flat piece of solid wood. It has a contemporary look which is ideal for modern decor. It is simply a non-chaotic option to go with, as it does not confuse you with minor design details.


Inset vs. Overlay

Inset vs. Overlay Cabinets

Inset cabinet doors are easily placed in the cabinet’s frame. But, somewhere, the installation is pretty expensive for inset kitchen cabinets because the measurement must be accurate. Plus, you need to check for the cabinet changes for their installation.


On the other hand, overlay cabinets showcase how the frame will be covered with doors and drawers. There are two types of overlay cabinets, partial and full overlay. In the partial overlay, the door will cover the cabinet frame except for some open portions. Whereas, in full overlay cabinet doors, you can see that most of the frame is covered with door fronts. A very little front will be open.

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