The Simple and Easy Way to Install Kitchen Cabinet Handles

by Team BuildMyplace on Jun 02, 2023

The Simple and Easy Way to Install Kitchen Cabinet Handles


You will not deny the fact that the kitchen looks extremely organized with cabinets. Plus, it enhances the decor. However, cabinet hardware like kitchen cabinet handles and knobs plays a vital role in decor enhancement. The sleek and subtle your handles and knob collection, the more grace it will add to the cabinet. Going with knobs and handles is a win-win in both looks and budget perspectives.

However, you must understand that installing handles is a tricky task that you must ace. The slightest mistake in the hole alignment can affect the cabinet’s look. But it is not difficult at all. In fact, it is a great DIY project that you can handle on your own. In this blog, you will learn how to install kitchen cabinet handles and cabinet knobs. Also, if you like to upgrade your kitchen’s look, you can visit our website to select cabinet handles and knobs.


Here’s what you need

  • Measuring tape
  • Drill machine
  • A suitable size drill bit that matches your cabinet hardware.


Step 1: Get an idea of where you want to place the cabinet handles

Step 1: Get an Idea of Where You Want to Place the Cabinet Handles

In this step, you must understand the placement because the knobs and handles should be fixed at spots that are not hard to reach. This way, you can easily operate the cabinet doors and drawers. The below image is for your reference. ABCD are the 4 points marked in the image. Understand what these points are suggesting.

01. You must place the handles or cabinet knobs at the center of the drawers.

02. When dealing with upper cabinets, install handles at the bottom to keep them within arm’s reach.

03. Similarly, with base cabinets, place the handles at the top corner.

04. Vertically place the handles at the center of the cabinet door panels.

The above suggestions are for your reference. You can consider them to make the doors and drawers accessible. If you want, you can use a different placement strategy that suits your needs.


Step 2: Mark the spots where you need to drill holes

Step 2: Mark the Spots Where You Need to Drill Holes

Use a measuring tape and mark the points where you need to place the cabinet knobs and handles.




Step 3: Build a drilling jig to drill all the doors evenly

Step 3: Build a Drilling Jig to Drill All the Doors Evenly

It will make the installation part easier if you maintain an even distance for the measurement.




Step 4: Use a drill bit to punch a starter hole and drill from the door front

Step 4: Use a Drill Bit to Punch a Starter Hole and Drill from the Door Front

Always use a small size drilling bit to punch holes. This way, you will make enough space for screws to firmly install kitchen cabinet handles, knobs, and pulls. Also, the kitchen cabinet handles will not wobble because the gaps are not too wide.



Step 5: Fix kitchen cabinet handles

Step 5: Fix Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Start from the base cabinets and hold the cabinet handles properly above the drilled holes and screw them from the back and tight them properly.





Step 6: Clean off the wood dust and move on to the next one

Step 6: Clean Off the Wood Dust and Move on to the Next One

Once you are done with drilling and fixing the kitchen cabinet handles, clean off the wood dust from the cabinet door panel and from the inside. Now, move on to installing the cabinet handles on wall cabinets.

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