What is a Decorative Hook? What Purposes does it have?

by Team BuildMyplace on Jun 27, 2022

What is a Decorative hook? What Purposes does it have?


You might have noticed that several places use the decorative hook as a medium to give a modern touch to their creativity. In restrooms, door side, back of the doors, walls, etcetera, these hooks are used to hang objects. Traditionally, iron nails were used as hooks to hold on to objects, but time has taken a modern approach, and we are introduced decorative wall hooks.

What is a decorative hook?

What is a decorative hook?

Like any ordinary hook, a decorative hook is used for the same purpose. However, the focal point for using it changes a bit. The main aim of the decorative wall hook is not just to hang the objects but to be a decorative element that enhances the beauty of the indoors.

Nowadays, you can depend less on heavy objects and showpieces. Instead, a decorative hanging hook can give a unique look to the house with a minimal appeal. The detailed-looking modern wall hooks create a graceful appearance and look coordinated along with other home decor items.

From a tiny metallic design to elongated curvy edges, the modern wall hook comes in several designs and styles that can enhance the location’s appeal in the best ways possible. Plus, several materials can be used to make decorative wall hooks like iron, stainless steel, copper, ceramic, wood, etcetera. These materials give them strength and durability so that the hook won’t break with heavy-weighted objects.

Purpose of decorative hook

Purpose of decorative hook

Decorative hanging hooks are pretty versatile as you can use them in several corners of the indoors. Depending on the area of placement, the purpose of using the modern wall hook changes.

The decorative hook is ideally used as a hanging hook which obviously is used to hang items like bags, clothes, towels, coats, etcetera. Depending on where the hook is going to be placed, the purpose changes. For instance, a decorative coat hook is used for hanging the coats, but a decorative towel hook is used to hang towels, and it can be used in the bathroom or near a basin only.

As discussed above, the purposes of a modern wall hook depend on where it is supposed to be mounted. Whether it is modern wall hooks or decorative wall hooks, their use can change the way your interior looks.

What are some major locations to fix decorative hooks?

What are some major locations to fix decorative hooks?

  • Walls - Primarily, the decorative hook is placed on the walls. Normally known as decorative coat hooks, these hooks are located in living rooms, bedrooms, and beside main doors. Also, at the entrance, you can use decorative hanging hooks to hang umbrellas as you might get confused because you don’t have any particular spot to place them.
  • Doors - In our day-to-day lives, we can see that the decorative hanging hooks are fixed behind the doors. In mall restrooms, these hooks are generally used to hang handbags and scarves, so they don’t get dirty.
  • Wardrobe - Decorative hooks are majorly used in wardrobes as what will be the most important place that needs hooks for hanging the objects. A wide wardrobe or walk-in closet can use modern wall hooks to hang utilities like clothes, bags, belts, lacey sandals, robes, scarves, hats, etcetera.
  • Bathroom walls - One of the prominent locations where hooks are highly needed is in the bathroom. The decorative wall hooks are used to hang towels, bath robes, clothes, bathing lufa, etcetera. The decorative towel hooks are basically used to make sure that your stuff doesn’t get wet while you bathe.
  • Kitchen walls - In the kitchen, you might have noticed that the concept of using decorative wall hooks is becoming quite popular as they give an extra element of decorating the location. Plus, it works as a helping hand to hang mugs and stuff.
  • Dressing table - The dressing table is a minor location where tiny hooks are used to offer accessibility. You can use these decorative hanging hooks to hang chains, bangles, scrunchies, etcetera.


In the end, you get to know about the concept of decorative hook and how can it be used to decorate the interiors. Whether we talk about decorative coat hooks, decorative towel hooks, or any other type of hook, they can add a unique sense to the indoors with their artistic looks and modern appeal. So, you can totally count on them as you will find them helpful yet appealing.

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