What to Follow to Get a Durable and Customized Floating Bathroom Vanity?

by Team BuildMyplace on Apr 27, 2022

What to Follow to Get a Durable and Customized Floating Bathroom Vanity?

 A floating bathroom vanity is indeed a scenic-looking attachment for the bathrooms that charms the whole ambiance and turns out to be something unexpectedly sophisticated yet endearing. The floating vanity cabinets are generally comprised of a vanity sink top and storage cabinets that are appropriate for utility purposes. Also, the floating bathroom vanity comes in an assorted look that too with several style options. So, you can choose whichever style describes your aura and complements your bathroom the best.

Here are some essential tips you should follow before installing floating sink vanity in your bathroom.

Secure mounting - Mounting plays a vital role in a floating bathroom vanity as a minor loose end can cost you big time. Suppose the floating bathroom vanity is not tightly mounted or secured, the whole compartment might wobble or fall down. This will damage your floating sink vanity and ruptured plumbing line.

Fixed plumbing to avoid damages

Fixed plumbing to avoid damages - If you want your floating vanity bathroom to look flawless, then ensuring this point is essential. Nobody likes a messy bathroom where water drips from taps or collects all over the floor. This is why you must ensure that the plumbing is fixed underneath the floating vanity bathroom. Doing so will save you from facing any water-related damages. 

Don’t go overboard with the vanity’s weight - We always look for what’s best for us and is durable. However, this search for the best can sometimes cost us. For instance, you would want to pick the best quality bathroom vanity, so you tend to pick a hardwood marble top vanity. To be fair, this is a great choice to opt for, but if your wall is not tough enough to endure the heavyweight of this floating bathroom vanity, then it is of no use. Therefore, finding a slightly different alternative will be a smart decision, I must say. Thus, you should not go overboard with the vanity’s weight if your location does not allows you to.

Floating bathroom vanity - Customize the style

Floating bathroom vanity - Customize the style

Follow these tips to customize the style of your floating vanity cabinets.

Size evaluation

You can analyze a customized look for your bathroom with a floating bathroom vanity. Whether we talk about the width of the floating vanity bathroom or the height at which the floating vanity cabinets are supposed to be hung at, evaluating the size is indeed required. If you wish to install your floating sink vanity at a medium or more elevated height, then the size evaluation part is necessary. 

Opting for sink style

As you are familiar with the fact that a floating sink vanity contains a sink on top. With this feature, the sink comes in handy for grooming purposes, but you have the leverage of choosing the type of sink you want. Whether you desire to place an undermount vanity sink or a bathroom vessel sink on top of your floating vanity, you can surely do so. Doing so will help you in creating a customized look for your bathroom.

Color combination

Finding the perfect look for your floating bathroom vanity is not easy when it comes to the color combination part. This is an exciting task that sometimes can be tricky as there are numerous options available that you don’t wish to settle for. On the other hand, you can surely offer a customized look to your bathroom, but only if you pick the right color. For instance, a white floating sink vanity looks charming but can look too dull in a white-colored bathroom ambiance. So, try to be a little creative and prefer color combinations like dark & light, wooden-inspired look, half n’ half, etcetera.

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