What to Know Before Choosing Bathroom Vanities?

by Team BuildMyplace on Dec 27, 2022

What to Know Before Choosing Bathroom Vanities?


The renovation task of a bathroom needs special attention to give it any change that you want. When it comes to major and attractive changes, you should go for the best collection of bathroom vanities. Selecting the right bathroom vanity is an important decision for the remodeling process. Also, a vanity is considered a big and basic need, as a tub and shower are in the bathroom. It can effortlessly give your bathroom a sorted and clean look by keeping all the items inside the cabinets. The blog is all about giving you some tips on choosing the right bathroom vanities that suit your needs, style, and interior.

Simple Steps To Choose Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

The process of choosing bathroom vanities is much easier than you think. You just need to consider your thoughts and choose a perfect fixture that meets your needs. It will be helpful for you to take everything into account, whether it is for utility or looks. With the help of these steps, you can collect all the information to pick the best bathroom vanity. Also, keep in mind that the steps you will take through this blog are to help you purchase the right one for vanities used in bathrooms. Usually, the vanities designed for guest bathrooms or powder rooms do not need much planning.

Consider the use of vanities

Bathroom Vanities With Sink

The foremost step you must take is to consider the proper use of the vanity in your bathroom. If you want to pick the perfect bathroom vanities, you should take advice from everyone who is going to use the bathroom vanity on a regular basis. Doing so will make it easier for you to choose which bathroom vanity you will use. For instance, if you need a sink in your vanity, you must choose bathroom vanities with sinks that help you get two fixtures together simultaneously. Along with this, you can also get a vanity with large counter space and storage capacity to make the entire environment much more organized.

Configure your plumbing location

The plumbing location of your bathroom will decide where your bathroom vanity is going to be located. If you want to move the location, it will cost time and money. However, when it comes to styling a bathroom from every aspect, your plumbing should be perfect. Also, the plumbing layout will decide which type of vanity is the best suited for your bathroom. For example, floor mounted vanity requires normal plumbing fixtures, while the wall mounted vanity needs to move the plumbing hookups for your sink. Moving the plumbing layouts is relatively easy, but it depends on the budget you have to renovate your bathroom.

Examine obstacles from placements of other fixtures

Modern Bathroom vanity

According to your bathroom design, you must pick a bathroom vanity that aptly fits the place. This will include considering the size of the bathroom vanities with top. In addition, some common items mentioned can create obstacles when placing the bathroom vanity.

  • Bathroom Door - The bathroom door should open outwards as if it opens inward and hits the vanity, which creates an annoying situation.
  • Bathroom Shower - If your shower area contains a door instead of a curtain, it should be considered when purchasing the bathroom vanity.
  • Toilet - The toilet is another important thing to consider because you must decide how far or close you want your bathroom vanity to be placed.
  • Traffic Flow - Select a perfect-sized bathroom vanity that shouldn’t bother people while coming in and out of the bathroom.

Confirm the storage you required

Another essential step that you take into account when purchasing bathroom vanities is storage. Well, storage is one of the perks of vanity because it provides you with a space where you can store some items to use on a daily basis. As the vanity storage depends on the space you have in the bathroom, it should be useful to offer you enough storage space without compromising anything.

Pick a preferred sink style

When you are done with the vanity size and other factors, you can focus on some other necessary parts in which the sink is also included. You should carefully choose the sink as it must impact the overall look and functionality of your bathroom. Also, it will be quite overwhelming to pick one sink from an extensive collection, but you can easily decide by considering the space allotted in the bathroom vanity. Finally, you must go for a suitable sink size as per your priorities for the bathroom vanity.

Check for durability and design

Bathroom vanities are made for upgrading the functionality of your bathroom. It is vital to check for the durability of the bathroom vanity whether you are purchasing freestanding vanity or floating bathroom vanity. You must consider that vanity can easily withstand wear and tear, even after coming in contact daily with water, spilled makeup, and other substances. Plus, the steaming hot showers increase humidity in the room, and the vanity should hold up against each situation.

Try to Upgrade your Personal Style with Bathroom Vanities

With the help of the steps mentioned above, you can effortlessly finalize your decision to choose bathroom vanities. When it comes to your choices, you can go for anything that attracts you and prompts you to choose it. The range of styles and designs has numerous options that you can pick for your bathroom vanity. Thus, pick an ideal vanity and flaunt your preference vibrantly.

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