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A Durable, Complementing, and Long-Lasting Flooring Options!

Upgrade your flooring with subtle, at the same time enchanting floor options. If you are not satisfied with the way your decor looks, it may be time to give it a makeover. It does not matter how big or small your house is, but floors can make a difference in how it looks. With BuildMyPlace, you can always find a suitable floor option for your residential and commercial spaces. Shop online from our website, or you can also consider shipping from our store.

Different Types of Flooring


On the lookout for a floor that can take a beating? SPC flooring is your hero. It’s super tough, perfect for busy spaces or those messy moments at home. Plus, it looks just like stone or wood without costing you a fortune.


Step on something soft? That’s vinyl for you. It’s not just easy on your wallet; it's also gentle underfoot and comes in loads of cool designs. Perfect for keeping your kitchen or bathroom looking fresh.


Dreaming of a wood-floor look without the hassle? Laminate has got you covered. It’s tough against scratches and doesn’t fade out. Plus, it’s a cinch to clean, making your life a little easier.

Engineered Hardwood

Love the classic vibe of hardwood? Engineered hardwood mixes real wood charm with a bit of modern tech to handle moisture and wear better than traditional wood. It’s perfect for getting that upscale look with a practical twist.


Do you have a spot in your house that gets damp? WPC is built for that. It’s the best flooring – tough against moisture and damage, and it still gives you that natural wood or stone look.

Our Flooring Brands


COREtec isn’t just another flooring company; they’re pioneers. They bring you some of the coolest, most durable vinyl and WPC options out there. Their floors are all about living without worrying about the next spill or scratch.


Shaw is a big name with a big promise – beautiful, long-lasting floors. From cozy carpets to engineered woods, they’ve got something for every taste and every room.


When Lux says luxury, they mean it. Their SPC and laminate floors are tough and stylish and designed to keep up with the busiest households.


Ever wish you could have floors that handle heavy traffic and still look stunning? Permshield’s vinyl floors do just that. It’s all about making your life easier and your home prettier.


Lions Floor is your go-to for top-notch laminate and vinyl. They blend cutting-edge technology with classic styles to ensure your floors stand out and meet daily life.


The NSW Floor is about choice and quality. They offer a wide range of materials and styles, ensuring a perfect match for your home’s vibe.

What is The Top Selling Flooring?


Lux leads the pack for a reason. Their SPC floor is tough, beautiful, and budget-friendly. It’s what every busy home needs.

COREtec Vinyl

COREtec's vinyl is highly regarded because of its gorgeous look and waterproof properties. It's the floor that changes to fit your needs without sacrificing style.

Lions Laminate

This flooring is flying off the shelves thanks to its robustness and beauty. It offers the look and feel of real wood without trouble.

Shaw Engineered Hardwood

Not only is Shaw's engineered hardwood floor a great option for any home, but it also makes a lasting aesthetic statement.


This floor gives you the best of both worlds with its stunning beauty and water resistance. Homes that are interested in both practicality and aesthetics usually welcome it.

Area Rugs

It doesn’t matter how expensive your floors are, if you are not using a cozy area rug or carpet indoors, it will look bland somehow. There are premium-quality machine-made and hand-made rugs that are ideal for delivering a fascinating look.

Flooring Installation With BuildMyPlace

Ready to switch up your floors? At BuildMyPlace, we start our flooring installation services at a friendly price of just $3.99 per square foot. This flooring installation cost includes a thorough in-home inspection to make sure everything is just right before we start. Plus, our commitment doesn't end with quick delivery. We bring skilled professionals right to your doorstep who will make sure your new floors are installed perfectly and on time. Choose us at BuildMyPlace, where affordability meets expertise for floors that are simply impressive.

Find the Best Flooring Option

Visit the BuildMyPlace flooring page today and find the desired look for your floors. You will not be disappointed with our floor collection's quality, strength, and comfort. It will satisfy you, and you will be pleased to see how adorable your decor will look with these complementing floors.

So, don’t wait, come to BuildMyPlace to build your place. Our floors are affordable and reliable, so you can either opt for online shopping or in-store shopping. Plus, we offer home delivery, in-store pickup, and curbside pickup facilities for your orders.


Q: What advantages does SPC flooring offer?

A: SPC flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas since it is resilient to dampness, long-lasting, and affordably beautiful like natural materials.


Q: How do I decide between engineered hardwood and laminate?

A: While laminate is less expensive and less prone to scratches, engineered hardwood offers a true wood layer that can be refinished and is appropriate for damp situations.


Q: Can any room in the house have vinyl flooring?

A: Vinyl floors are cozy, adaptable, and appropriate for every space including wet ones like bathrooms and kitchens.


Q: When choosing flooring for a high-moisture region, what factors should I take into account?

A: In high-moisture regions, use materials that are resistant to water. These include vinyl, WPC, or SPC, to avoid warping and the formation of mold.


Q: How can area rugs enhance my flooring choice?

A: Area rugs add comfort, define spaces, and protect floors in high-traffic areas, making them a functional and stylish addition to any room.