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Collection: Floor Lamp - Modern Floor Lamp

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About Floor Lamp - Modern Floor Lamp

Using minimum lighting fixture to achieve adequate illumination is key to an efficient home lighting. Floor lamps (or Standing lamps) makes sure it happens. They are pretty customizable as they can be easily relocated from one place to another across the room. All you need is a socket and put these plug-in lights to get your illumination needs sorted in any part of your home. In case, you are making up your mind for buying a tall lamp then you can consider BUILDMyplace to align your customized lighting needs.

Why installing a Standing Lamp a good idea?

The floor lamps are undeniably a preferable choice when you don't want to buy a table or any furniture just for resting your table lamp. Apart from that, you might find given points helpful for your decision making. Refine your search based on:

  1. Space: unlike other lighting fixtures it requires a little space against the area it covers with the emitted light.
  2. No Add-ons required: You do not need any table or additional furniture like table lamps. So, it would be a saving of both money and space in your room.
  3. Customization: The choice and ease of relocation coming with the floor-lamps gives them a unique advantage over other lighting fixtures.
  4. Easy to Install: All you need is a power socket and tiny area in your room to rest your standing lamps.

Additionally, it also helps you to cut the electricity bills and avoid energy wastage. 

Precautions while Installing a LED Floor lamp

Before you start your hunt for a most suitable standing light for your requirements, you should bear in mind these essential points-

  • The location of the socket is significant for the floor lamp's smooth functioning. The lighting should be at a convenient distance so that the chord can be easily plugged in.
  • Target floor lamps location at a place where it can cover maximum area in the given premises. Though you can relocate the standing light anytime and anywhere as per your customization. For maximum coverage, installing a tall pole lamp is advisable as being even a non-ceiling lamp it very much works like a ceiling one.
  • While placing the Floor lamps make sure the surface on which it is being rested is even. If the surface has bumps or bruises, then also a swift impact will lead to falling and thus malfunctioning,
  • Choose the bulbs carefully. Install LED bulbs for maximum power saving and prolonged life. Additionally, put due attention on the wattage and brightness of the spotlight.
  • Put due attention on the design and the color of the lamp-shade of your LED floor lamp. For more focused light, a dark shade will be more justified while for tall light floor lamps, you should select shades with white or bright colors.