Pre Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Assembled cabinets are the cabinets that are ready to install.

No Assembly of cabinets are required.

Pre-Assembled Cabinets?

The opposite of RTA is pre-assembled cabinets. It is a factory-built cabinet that gets delivered in ready-to-use and fully functional form. The contemporary pre-assembled cabinets offer flexibility by providing excellent designs. These cabinets are solid and durable as they are factory assembled, built up with top-quality construction. Anyone can install pre-assembled cabinets because they are so easy. Simple tools like a hammer and screw gun are all you'll need to put them in place, and your new space is complete. You won't need to employ a carpenter, which means you'll save even more money.

Why consider Pre-Assembled Cabinets

You will receive your delivery in its final form, precisely as it appeared on the E-commerce store or the showroom floor. All you need to do is install them.

The pre-assembled cabinets are reliable because the work is done on them by the manufacturer itself, tested, certified, and guaranteed.

We recommend you to get our design services prior ordering that will provide you with free design layouts, 3D Renderings and VR Tour. This will help your space to visualize the space before building it. Also, it will be a helping hand to your professional for installation work.

Upgrade and renovate your kitchen steadily by selecting the style, finishing, and cabinet type by determining your space's perfect layout from our collection.

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