The way the sides of each plank/tile are cut or aesthetics achieved by panels once engaged together edge-to-edge is referred to as edge style. The edge style emphasizes the design intent and decor of the flooring.

3 Major Types of Edge styles 

Square, micro-beveled, and beveled are the three major styles of edges that are commonly used. Sometimes additional descriptors are also added/used to describe these styles, such as eased (micro bevel), kissed (micro-bevel), pillow beveled (soft beveled edges), scraped bevel (wide bevel with scrape marks), and more.

Following are three different types of edge styles:

Square Edge

All of the ends of the Square Edge floors are flush. As a result, it provides a clean & smooth look, and the transition between planks appears seamless.

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Micro Bevel

Micro-Bevel is a term used to describe an edge style with a minimal bevel(slope). Eased, kissed, micro-v, and painted micro-bevel are some terms used to describe this style. Here every individual flooring panel provides a delineated effect.

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Beveled Edge

Individual flooring panels are easily demarcated and significantly delineated on Bevel Edge floors, which have a more considerable, more pronounced edge detail. 

A sculpted or hand-scraped look is frequently used in conjunction with a beveled edge. This combination creates a gorgeous, well-worn, and authentic look.

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