PAR20 LED 8W Light Bulbs - 3000K Dimmable - 500 Lm - E26 Base - Soft White

PAR20 LED 8W Light Bulbs - 3000K Dimmable - 500 Lm - E26 Base - Soft White

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PAR20 LED 8W Light Bulbs - 3000K Dimmable - 500 Lm - E26 Base - Soft White
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PAR20 LED Light Bulbs - E26 Base - 8 Watt - 50W Replacement - 3000 Kelvin - 500 Lumens - Dimmable - 90+ High CRI - UL Listed - Energy Star Rated - 15000+ Hours Lifespan - 3 Years Warranty

The LED PAR20 Bulb of 8W coming with an E26 base can be used for general area lighting as it comes with a wide beam angle -- 40 degrees. Being an energy-efficient alternative to the conventional halogen or incandescent light bulbs, it brings you 90% savings in energy costs. Along with an even and optimized light output, it provides for an excellent color rendering ability. Having a dimmable feature, it can be dimmed down to 0%. With less warm-up time needed, this PAR20 bulb has low maintenance and operation costs, while lasting 15 times longer than any halogen light bulb. 3 years of warranty is available to you from the manufacturer's end.   

  • Energy-Savings: This PAR20 bulb of 8W can save up to 90% in energy-consumption by replacing a 30W incandescent or halogen light bulb. 
  • 0-10V Dimmable: The LED PAR20 bulb can work with all standard dimmers available in the market when it can be dimmed down in the range of 0-10 volts. 
  • High CRI: A CRI of 90+ ensures -- objects look as real as possible in comparison to an ideal light source. Without CRI, objects under consideration may look completely washed out and artificial.   Hence, this bulb works well for any retail application. 
  • 3000K Color Temperature: This color temperature gives you an option of having warm white light glow and thus is a good color glow option for both task and ambient lighting. 
  • A 40 Degree Beam Angle: This wide beam angle can be used for having a general purpose lighting rather than any wall-washing kind of lighting.  
  • Less Heat Emission: While emitting a white and crisp light, this PAR16 bulb emits very less heat in contrast to conventional light bulbs, freeing you from the hassle of maintenance and operation. Thus, you observe a reduced maintenance and operational costs.  
  • Lifespan: These PAR20 bulbs do not last less than 15,000 hours providing you with a hassle-free maintenance and no replacement costs.

Instant On

Our bulbs do not need any warm-up or cooling down in extreme contrast with the traditional bulbs and hence have a higher operational efficiency. Thus, they are an instant-on.


Our bulbs being dimmable have the capacity to dim down from 10 volts to 0 volts, resulting in further energy-savings on top of what you achieve by switching from any conventional light bulb to our LED bulbs.

E26 Base

Our PAR20 LED light bulbs come with a medium or standard base size that fits into almost all standard light bulb sockets. Made of aluminium, these E26 bases are rust and corrosion resistant. 

CRI >90

Our PAR20 bulbs have an excellent color rendering ability, it's CRI being 90+. That means the light beam emitted by these bulbs makes objects and surfaces reveal their true colors up to 90% extent in comparison with a natural light source. 

15,000 Life Hours

The LED bulbs coming in various types and in different shapes and sizes have in general a longer life expectancy than any of the traditional bulbs. Or example, our MR16 bulbs have a lifespan of 25,000 hours. Other bulbs such as the PAR-types, BR-types, A-types and PL-types -- all have a lifespan of 15,000 hours. With a long lifespan, there are no replacement costs because you will hardly need to replace such bulbs, those having very less lumen depreciation until the end of their service lives. 

No Dark Spot

All our bulbs utilizing the latest solid state lighting technology are premium quality bulbs and such bulbs when installed in any area can virtually eliminate all the dark spots, thus keeping your area well-illuminated at all times.

UV & Mercury Free

It's not just the ultraviolet rays of sunlight that can cause various skin diseases, eye diseases or any regular illness. The UV radiation in the artificial light could equally be harmful and which has scientifically been proven. To that end, all our products including bulbs are free from any harmful infrared or ultraviolet radiation.


A shatterproof bulb means safety-coated bulb. All of our bulbs are shatterproof so that they remain protected against any breakage or external damage of any kind. Thus, our bulbs perfectly suit the commercial lighting requirements where there can be hazard or high risk of damage.   

Product Specifications

Base Type: E26
Certifications: UL, ES
Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.7x3.2
Fixture Color: White
Life Hours: 15,000 Hours
Metal Halide Equal: 50 Watt Replacement
Operating Temprature: -4 F TO +104 F
Safety Rating: UL, ES
Warranty: 3 Years
Beam Angle:40 Degree Beam Angle
Color Temperature (Kelvin):5000 Kelvin
Damp Location:Damp Location
Lumens:500 Lumens
MPN (Part No.):BL020
Power Factor:>0.9
Voltage:120 Volts
Wattage:8 Watts

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