150W LED Ceiling Light Canopy - 5700K - Square - 17242 Lumens - DLC Qualified - Parking Garage Lighting

150W LED Ceiling Light Canopy - 5700K - Square - 17242 Lumens - DLC Qualified - Parking Garage Lighting

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150W LED Ceiling Light Canopy - 5700K - Square - 17242 Lumens - DLC Qualified - Parking Garage Lighting
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Gas Station Canopy Lights - 150 Watt - 700W Replacement - 5700 Kelvin - Ceiling Canopy - IP65 Rated - 17242 Lumens - DLC Qualified - 5 Years Warranty - Rebate Eligible - Parking Garage Lighting

The 150W LED Canopy Light being available in slim and sleek design and color temperature of 5700K is a high-performance light fixture, capable of being mounted on any softfit/canopy. Because of its unique design and features, it's the best outdoor lighting fixture applicable to any industrial or commercial premise but most particularly to gas stations. In extreme contrast to conventional metal-halides or sodium-vapor lamps, this 150W canopy light fixture can bring in 75% of energy savings by conveniently replacing 700W of the same. This product is available in color temperatures of 5700K with a CRI of >70 while delivering lumens up to 17242.
 The 110 Degree beam angle neither is too wide to illuminate huge spaces nor is too narrow to leave dark spots in the area. 
The housing constructed of a rugged die-cast aluminium with an integral heat sink makes it an ideal luminaire for businesses requiring long hours of operation. It's internal driver rated as an IP65 (a requirement for dust and moisture resistance) makes it suitable even to damp locations. Together with a long lifespan and eco-friendliness, this 150W LED canopy light is an instant-on without any flickering and humming.  




Energy-Efficient: This 150W LED canopy light can replace up to 400W of any metal-halide or sodium-potassium light bulb. You save 250 watts of energy.
5700K Color Temperature: Available in daylight color temperature, our LED wall pack fixture is ideal for use as a outdoor lighting fixture, providing an intense level of brightness to eliminate the dark spots and to make you feel secure.    

Wide Beam Angle: 112 degree. This beam angle is neither too wide, nor too narrow, hence good for illuminating big spaces but with a lesser intensity than in case of "very wide beam angles".       

Heat Sink: Effectively eliminates any unwanted heat generated during the normal operation of the light bulb.

Instant Start: This canopy light starts instantly when turned on thus providing you with superior lighting experience than any conventional lighting fixture.  

Longer Life Expectancy: Lasting for 50,000 hours, this lighting fixture can be kept on for 24 hours -- a distinct advantage over the traditional lighting fixtures.

Resistance To Harsh Weather Condition: This 150W LED canopy light comes with an internal driver IP65 rated to enable dust & moisture resistance.

Low Maintenance Required: Very low or no maintenance required for as long as the lighting fixture lasts, up to a minimum of 50,000 hours. Thus, no costs of maintenance or replacement as incurred in case of conventional metal-halides.   

Easy Installation & Operation: Not that cumbersome to install & operate.

An Eco-friendly product, a radiation-free product: Free from any toxic chemicals such as mercury or lead, it's safe to the environment. Free from any any ultra-violet or infra-red radiation, any human exposure to the light beam is completely safe & healthy.    

5 Years Manufacturer's Warranty: A 5 years of warranty provided from the manufacturer's end to provide you with a completely risk-free use of the 150W LED canopy light.

A UL & DLC Listed Product: The certification of this product from Underwriter Labs lets you avoid fire and shock hazards, the Design lighting Consortium approva may make you eligible for certain rebates. Other certifications too available for this product such as ETL, Energy Star and FCC.

Easy Installation

The LED Canopy light can be easily installed by undertaking surface mounting and in places where temperature does not exceed 104 degree F. While the product can not be recess mounted, it is installed by mounting the fixture plate to J-Box with two screws. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for complete installation steps.

Rugged Metal

Housed in a rugged die-cast aluminium, the product is built for protection from rust, corrosion, any external stress or strain.  

Thermal Heat Dissipation

The product comes with an internal heat sink made of aluminium for dissipating the heat that is produced during its operation.   

Premium LED Chips

In order to maintain highest quality of the product, we use premium LED chips from Epistar. The chips are packaged inside the product with high precision and accuracy to render maximum operational efficiency to the product.

IP 65 Rated

The internal driver inside the LED canopy light is rated as IP65 which means the product is ensured against dust and water coming from a nozzle.    

Very Wide Beam Angle

The product has a very wide beam angle (also known as very wide flood) for illumination of large areas and spaces without highlighting any specific object. This kind of beam angle works best for low-ceilings. There is a limited light loss with this kind of bam angle.  

Low Maintenance Cost

The LED canopy lights from BUILDMyPlace are designed to last for not less than 50,000 hours and that means there is no hassle of replacing the lamp.

CRI >70 

A CRI of 70 is considered fair, if not very high but this is what is preferred in case of any outdoor lighting. This color rendering is effective for gas station lighting, parking lot lighting or any area/site lighting. 

Small Electron Great Power

The electric current when applied to the leads, the electron gets released and recombine with the electron holes inside the LED device to release energy in the form of photons. The color of the light hence is determind by the photonic energy. So, it's a small electron but great power. 

Shatter Proof Lens

The LED canopy light has a shatterproof lens so that it will be unbreakable when exposed to external stress or strain.

Rebate Eligible

Being DLC premium approved, this product can make you eligible for rebates from the power companies have any harmful effects on human body. This product makes you eligible for rebates, being DLC approved.   

Product Specifications

Beam Angle: 110 Degree Beam Angle
Certifications: UL, DLC
Dimmable: No
DLC Model no.: WEN-CP-150W-111[1,2]-1601
Fixture Color: White
IP Rating: IP65 Rated
Lens Type: Pc Drop Lens
Lumens: 17242 Lumens
MPN (Part No.): CN005
Power Factor: 0.928
Shape: Square
Warranty: 5 Years
Weight: 13.5 lbs
Case Qantity:1
Color Temperature (Kelvin):5700 K
Dimensions (L x W x H):15 x 1.75 x 15 in
DLC Listed:Yes
Housing:Die Cast Aluminium
LED Type:3030 , 1.5W
Life Hours:50,000 Hours
Metal Halide Equal:700 Watt Replacement
Operating Temprature:-4 F TO +113 F
Safety Rating:UL
Voltage:100-277 Volt
Wattage:150 Watt

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  • I have 400 watts halide fixture. It's size is 21inch×21 inch. Can I fix this led on that fixture?I don't want to make a different hole in my canopy. Or it's comes with super kit.like LSI has.

    These lights are 15x15 so you will have some space around there. 

  • How much shipping

    Any order above $99 ships free of cost.

  • Does this light include the driver?

    Yes, the driver is installed inside of the light.

  • Wiil they fit over a shoebox fixture

    No we recommend pole lights for that installation.

  • What is the size.

    They are 15in x 15in x 1.5in for both 150W Canopy styles.