8ft LED Bulbs, 40W, 4800LM, 6500K, Single Pin, Clear, T8 8ft LED Tube Light

8ft LED Bulbs, 40W, 4800LM, 6500K, Single Pin, Clear, T8 8ft LED Tube Light

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8ft LED Bulbs, 40W, 4800LM, 6500K, Single Pin, Clear, T8 8ft LED Tube Light
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8ft LED Bulbs Single Pin, FA8 Base Type, IP44, 6500K(Daylight), Ballast Bypass T8 8ft LED Tube

Out of the three main sizes in LED tube -- 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft, the 8ft can be considered as the brightest LED tube because of its ability to deliver a higher lumen output to serve larger applications and higher energy efficiency than what you get with the other sizes. While our 8ft LED tube is available in two main wattages -- 40W & 48W, the 40W can deliver 4800 lumens. Having a beam angle of more than 120 degrees, the 8ft LED tube has 3-4 times longer lifespan than the fluorescent tubes, considering the longest lifespan of any fluorescent tube as 15,000 hours. This 8ft LED tube works without ballast and hence the ballast must be bypassed. With an excellent heat dissipation system, this 8ft LED tube is designed to work smoothly and for as long as the tube lasts. The 40W 8ft LED tube can easily replace 80W of any fluorescent tube and you get 75% of energy-savings when making a switch.    
As a UL listed product, the 8ft LED tube is high on safety. You have a completely risk-free 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer's end when you make 8ft LED tube as your lighting choice.   

  • Efficient Heat Dissipation mechanism: The heat dissipating mechanism of the 8ft LED tube allows the tube to remain sufficiently cool while in operation and hence operation and maintenance of this 8ft LED tube is fairly easy and convenient.
  • Instant Start, No flickering or humming: In extreme contrast with fluorescent tubes, the 8ft LED tube does not flicker  and hence lights up without any waiting time. 
  • Longer Life Expectancy: The 8ft LED tube will last for 50,000 hours if you run the tube for 24 hours a day, more if run for only 12 hours.  
  • The base type: The 8ft LED tube of 40W comes in FA8 (single pin) and  can etrofit the existing fluorescent fixtures with this base type.  
  • Install Easily: This 8ft LED tube can be installed by bypassing the ballast and making a direct wiring with the line source.  

Ballast Bypass

This LED tube requires you to either remove the ballast or bypass it. We have prepared a step-by-step guide to help you bypass the ballast to successfully install your LED tube.      

Flicker Free

Whether it's 2ft, 4ft or 8ft LED tube, one of the jaw-dropping features of LED tubes is that they don't flicker unlike what you would have definitely observed in case of fluorescent tubes. The LED tubes start instantly and once they start, they don't flicker and produce a humming sound.    

IP44 Rated

The LED tubes that are either clear or frosted have an IP44 rating. This rating signifies that our LED tubes are protected against dust-tight (objects in the dust that are of size more than 1mm) and protected against water-ingress from all directions. For such reasons, LED tubes are safe for use in areas where there is moisture and water.  E.g. Bathrooms, kitchens etc. 

Voltage Input

The LED tubes accept an input voltage of 120V-277V. You can go for a waterproof transformer in case you don't have this voltage and wish to convert this voltage range to some other.   

Low Maintenance Cost

The LED tubes will require low or no maintenance if you are going for a ballast bypass option of LED tube installation. Though not very frequent, but you may have to replace the ballasts once in the total lifetime of LED tubes, if you are going for ballast compatibility option and hence you will have to bear with slightly higher maintenance costs when choosing the former option.  

>50,000 Life Hours

The lifespan of LED tubes is no less than 50,000 hours or 5.7 years if the tubes are operated upon for 24 hours a day. Can last longer, if the tubes are kept ON for only 12 hours a day.  

CRI >80

The CRI is greater than 80 for LED tubes, whatever object comes in the light distribution range appears to be real and natural up to 80% extent on a CRI scale of 1-100 and as it would have appeared in the natural light.  

120 Degree Beam Angle

The 120 degrees or ultra wide beam angle is made use of when large areas need to be covered. All our LED tubes whether clear or frosted have a 120-degree beam angle. 

Energy Saving

The LED tubes can save energy up to 75% in extreme contrast with fluorescent tubes that consume lot of energy to bring you a higher energy bill. We highly recommend going for our LED tubes that are an excellent combo of lumen brightness and energy-savings.

Aluminium Heat Sink

The LED tubes have a big heat sink made of aluminum and that's a pretty good reason as to why the LED tubes don't warm up too soon to be inconsistent operation. This is in extreme contrast with the fluorescent tubes that warmed up too soon and required cooling down to operate efficiently.   

LED Chip

Embedded inside the LED tube is a high-quality standalone chip -- SMD LED -- made from any number of chips to ensure high performance and reliability.   

Product Specifications

Base Type: FA8
Certifications: UL
CRI: >80 CRI
IP Rating: IP44 Rated
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): TB055
Safety Rating: UL
Warranty: 5 Years
Beam Angle:120 Degree Beam Angle
Color Temperature (Kelvin):6500 Kelvin
Dimensions (L x W x H):96
LED Type:2835
Lumens:4800 Lumens
Operating Temprature:-4 F TO +113 F
Voltage:100-277 Volt
Wattage:40 Watt

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    BUILDMYPLACE T8 8ft 40W LED Glass Tube - 6500K Clear; 4800 Lm - Single Pin Lighting Fixture - ROHS, UL cUL Listed Review

    Really bright!!

    Dub H.
    BUILDMYPLACE T8 8ft 40W LED Glass Tube - 6500K Clear; 4800 Lm - Single Pin Lighting Fixture - ROHS, UL cUL Listed Review

    just like on a sun shinny day almost hurt your eyes. would recommend everybody do it...

    terry h.
    BUILDMYPLACE T8 8ft 40W LED Glass Tube - 6500K Clear; 4800 Lm - Single Pin Lighting Fixture - ROHS, UL cUL Listed Review

    Very easy to bypass the existing ballast. The picture shows the new tubes installed on the closest fixture and the old tubes in the farthest.

    Michael R.
    BUILDMYPLACE T8 8ft 40W LED Glass Tube - 6500K Clear; 4800 Lm - Single Pin Lighting Fixture - ROHS, UL cUL Listed Review

    I hope the before and after photos of our garage copy over to you. We are very happy with these new bulbs, and it seems like it's daylight in our garage!

    Jim R.
    BUILDMYPLACE T8 8ft 40W LED Glass Tube - 6500K Clear; 4800 Lm - Single Pin Lighting Fixture - ROHS, UL cUL Listed Review

    Very impressed with the how much more light I have after installing 4 bulbs. It has made a big difference on how bright it is. Will be ordering more to replace the bulbs in all my fixtures.

    Richard B.

    Questions & Answers

    Ask a Question
    • Will these bulbs replace a t12 bulb?

      yes they can , you need to bypass the ballast though

    • Will these work in a t12 4 bulb fixtures

      Yes they will, however you will need to bypass the ballast

    • What do you recommend for my home garage (automotive restoration) clear or frosted lens?

      frosted takes away little bit lumens from the fixture , we would recommend the clear ones however thats our best seller(clear)

    • Will the bulbs be brighter if you bypass the T8 ballast compared to using them with a T8 ballast?

      yes these would be

    • Do I need to change the single pin bulb sockets with the LED bulbs?

      no you can use it with your existing sockets 

    • Which bulb would be best suited for a workshop with 9' 6" ceiling height?

      this bulb would work if you want it to be bright

    • I want to replacef96 t12 dx 75 watt with led tube.What do you reccomend

      We recommend you to replace this Led light WEN-8FT-40W-FA8-5000K-F

    • How do they work in high moisture situations?

      these lights are not waterproof and we won't recommend them for the wet area.

    • how do the LED bulbs act in a cold garage ....do they flicker like fluorescent bulbs and burn out...thank you Mike

    • You recommend to bypass the ballast. Straight 120 volt?

      Existing ballast needs to be removed or by-passed.

    • How easy are they to break? In the basement of our daycare we have several 8’ fluorescent lights and have to a protective sleeve on them. Would this bulbs require a protective tube?

      This light is made of premium plastic and aluminium if you don't Drop them from the high height they won't break. 

    • I just ordered four tube and was looking for install instructions to bypass ballast

      Good Afternoon,

      Just emailed instructions to your inbox.  Please advise if any further assistance needed.

      Best Regards,


    • Will these work in a non heated shop that gets below freezing?

      They should work up to about -22 Degrees. 

    • Do I need non shunted tombstones

      They'll need to be non-shunted tombstones, yes.

    • How can I know if I have shunted sockets?

      Shunted sockets means there is only 1 hole, port for a wire to go through, which you will for sure have if you have traditional LEDs, wired with Hot on one end, Neutral on the other. I've attached a picture below if you click the text; 

    • Will these bulbs work outside in a sign?

      Yes! As long as the ballast in the fixture is removed, and these are wired as double-ended power with a single-pin compatible tombstone.

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