Customizing the Shower Wall Surrounds to Personalize Your Shower Space!

by Team BuildMyplace on Jul 18, 2023

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When it comes to designing your dream bathroom, every element plays a significant role in creating a space that reflects your unique style and preferences. However, one essential component that can transform the look and feel of your shower area is the shower wall surround. Shower wall surrounds not only provide protection and waterproofing but also offer an opportunity to customize and personalize your shower space. In this blog, we will explore the various ways you can customize your shower wall surrounds to create a truly one-of-a-kind shower experience.

How to Choose the Right Material for Shower Wall Surrounds?

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The first step in customizing your shower wall surrounds is selecting the right material. There are several options available, each with its own characteristics and aesthetic appeal. Some popular choices include:

  • Ceramic Tiles: A timeless and versatile option that offers a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures.
  • Natural Stone: Bring the beauty of nature into your shower with options like marble, granite, or travertine.
  • Acrylic or Fiberglass: Lightweight and easy to install, these materials offer durability and a sleek, modern look.
  • Solid Surface: Create a seamless and clean appearance with solid surface materials like quartz or engineered stone.

How to Make Color and Pattern Selection?

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Once you've chosen the material, it's time to select the colors and patterns for your shower wall surrounds. This is where you can truly personalize your space and make a statement. Consider the overall style and theme of your bathroom, and choose colors and patterns that complement the design. From subtle neutrals to bold and vibrant hues, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for a single color or mix and match different patterns to create a unique visual impact.

Custom Tile Designs

If you've chosen ceramic tiles for your shower wall surrounds, take customization to the next level by incorporating custom tile designs. Whether it's a mosaic pattern, decorative borders, or personalized motifs, custom tile designs can add a touch of artistry and individuality to your shower space. Work with a skilled tile installer or designer to bring your vision to life and create a stunning focal point in your bathroom.

Accent Pieces and Trim

In addition to the main wall surround, don't forget to consider the accent pieces and trim. These small details can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your shower area. Choose coordinating or contrasting trims, borders, and bullnose tiles to add dimension and visual interest. Also, consider incorporating niches or shelves into the wall surrounds to provide functional storage space for shower essentials.

Custom Shower Systems

Another way to customize your shower wall surrounds by integrating custom shower systems. These systems can include features like body jets, rainfall showerheads, hand showers, and steam options. By incorporating these elements into your shower wall surrounds you can create a spa-like experience tailored to your specific preferences. Discuss your options with a professional plumber or bathroom designer to find the perfect combination of features for your personalized shower space.

Lighting and Illumination

To enhance the ambiance and create a truly personalized shower experience, consider incorporating lighting and illumination into your shower wall surrounds. LED strip lights, recessed lighting, or even backlit mirrors can add a touch of luxury and create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Choose warm or cool lighting tones to set the mood and create the desired ambiance in your shower space.

Accessibility and Safety Features

Customizing your shower wall surrounds also provides an opportunity to incorporate accessibility and safety features. For example, install grab bars, non-slip flooring, and seating options to make your shower space safer and more accessible for individuals with mobility challenges or aging-in-place needs. These additions can blend seamlessly with your overall design and ensure that your shower area is both beautiful and functional.


Customizing the shower wall surrounds allows you to transform your shower space into a personalized oasis. It gives you the opportunity to infuse your own style, preferences, and functional needs into the design. Whether you prefer a sleek and contemporary look or a more traditional and ornate aesthetic, there are endless possibilities for customization. Embrace the opportunity to create a shower space that reflects your personality and enhances your daily bathing experience. With a customized shower wall surround, you can elevate your bathroom to new levels of comfort, style, and individuality.

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