Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

by Team BuildMyplace on May 23, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Cabinet Hardware


Kitchen Cabinets are undoubtedly one of the essential elements in the kitchen. But it is the cabinet hardware that actually helps in giving the cabinet its detailed look and finishing touch. Basically, you can opt for any hardware design that matches your style. From vintage to modern, there are many cabinet hardware options available in the market. This blog contains all the basic information that you need to know to understand cabinet details.


Knobs & Pulls

Knobs & Pulls

When it comes to cabinet hardware, you will not be limited to cabinet pulls and knob options. They are available in several designs, styles, and finishes. In fact, the availability of options also varies from size to size. If you think that the hardware will be an unfit option along with the shaker or any modern cabinet style, then don’t.

As a matter of fact, the options are available for all sorts of cabinet styles that will suit both modern and antique decor. Brushed nickel, stain, matte black, etcetera are some popular options in the cabinet hardware industry.

Cup pulls

The cup pulls are more of vintage hardware that goes best with traditional-style cabinets. These cup-shaped pulls are easy to operate and perfectly fit cabinet drawers.

Door knobs

As its name suggests, door knobs are used on cabinet doors. It does not matter if you have soft close doors or slightly tightened the opening, the knobs will help you operate the door easily.

Bar pulls

Bar pulls are long bar-like handles that have an exposed opening. You can wrap your fingers around the bar pulls to operate the cabinet doors and drawers.

Furthermore, you can look for different bar pulls and door knobs styles for cabinet doors. Whereas cup pulls and other sorts of drawer pulls will be appropriate for drawers. It is up to your preference and the cabinet’s requirement, and you can opt for any suitable size for cabinet hardware.


Door hinges and drawer glides

Door Hinges & Drawer Glides

Cabinet hinges are an integral part of any cabinet. It makes operating the door easy and smooth. If you wonder what makes soft close doors conveniently smooth, it is the hinges. It makes the cabinet door fit seamlessly into the box. Also, they are necessary to eliminate the sharp noise when you shut the cabinet door. Plus, the longevity of the cabinet depends on how well the soft close doors perform.

Cabinet glides are one of the necessary cabinet details that improve drawer functioning. Stainless steel is a popular choice for this cabinet hardware. However, it is a bit expensive, especially when you are dealing with multiple drawers. This is why you can settle for an economical alternative, i.e., plastic or alloy. But they are not the right pick when it comes to hefty cabinets. So, opting for a robust hardware material for your cabinet glides would be better. There are 2 types of glides, partial and full extension. Particle glide leaves some part of the drawer inside the cabinet. Whereas full extension glides allow you to remove the entire box from the cabinet.


Important Tips for Cabinet Hardware Installation

You must follow some life-saving tips to ensure that you are not going wrong with cabinet hardware installation. Here’s what you need to ensure:

  • Use cabinet rails and vertical frames on cabinet doors.
  • Line the bottom and center door rail on the frame when using knobs.
  • Place the larger drawer a little higher than the other small drawers. This way, you will pull out the drawer easily and smoothly.
  • Temporarily fix the hardware using adhesive before making any drill holes to get a rough idea of the cabinet’s final look.
  • Use templates if you are unsure how to work with a particular hardware.
  • When replacing old knobs, pulls, and cabinet details, leave pre-existing holes and use a backplate to cover them.

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