Understand Cabinet Finishes to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets

by Team BuildMyplace on May 24, 2023

Understand Cabinet Finishes to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinets


Nobody likes to settle for basic, especially when it comes to home improvement decor items. If you are planning to buy kitchen cabinets, you should look for cabinet finishes. Nowadays, numerous options are available in the market, including stained, glazed, or painted cabinets. Apart from cabinet finishes, these options are available in various colors to allow you to pick a desired shade for your cabinets. From chic white to intense charcoal shade, there are so many options for you to choose from until you find the desired look for your kitchen cabinets. Or today’s blog is about different cabinet finishes. Understand each type of finish before purchasing cabinets.


Stained Cabinets

Stained cabinets or stained finish cabinets are popular among cabinet finishes. The cabinet panels are given the stained finish using 2 techniques. The first is applying spray on the door panels, and the other is by hand wiping. Each type of option is appropriate. However, the final results are different from one another.

In the hand-wiping technique, the wood absorbs more color at some spots rather than creating an even look. People prefer this look of stained finish cabinets as they sound attractive and unique to them. But, some people think that the hand-wiping technique affects the final look, and the cabinets look more unappealing than attractive.

The hand-wiped stained finish for kitchen cabinets turns out to be rustic with an earthy appearance. On the other hand, sprayed technique promotes even paint coating. The paint is manually sprayed over the doors to make the door look consistent.

You need to understand that the finish on stained cabinets may differ on different wood grains, species, and end cuts. The wood species doesn’t matter, and the panels will not look the same. You will end up with grain variation. As a matter of fact, the stained grains are used to show the wood markings and the difference between the closed and open grains.

You can expect color change after a while in stained finish cabinets because they will get darkened sooner or later, as any hardwood would react to the aging phenomenon. Also, the cabinets will show a visible color difference when exposed to different lights, harsh chemicals, heat, atmospheric conditions, smoke, etcetera. Moreover, the discoloring will be more visible with lighter shade cabinets. We do not guarantee that the cabinet finish will last against the discoloring phenomenon due to heat or smoke exposure.


What do you get?

Stained cabinets

At BuildMyPlace, we offer several options for stained cabinets. Natural and toffee shades are available in light and natural shade options. These colors are ideal for making the wood look more appealing. For dark shades, we offer slate and pecan options to promote a rich and intense look to the cabinets.


Painted Cabinets

Painted cabinets or painted finish is one of the most popular finish options in the cabinet industry. Although, a painted finish requires more maintenance to deal with marks, chips, and relics left due to wear and tear. BuildyPlace offers you the best cabinet doors option for painted finish cabinets coated with the Sherwin Williams paint. You will notice a slight difference in the face frames, doors, and drawer colors.

Please understand that the expanding and contracting of wood is a natural phenomenon. This is why you will notice minor cracks in the paint coating. It is majorly noticeable around the joints. But to make it as least as possible, we prefer this finish over MDF panels.


What do you get?

Painted cabinets

BuildMyPalce has a variety of options for painted finish cabinets. If you wish to select a soft color, you can settle with Willow Gray, i.e., light gray paint. On the contrary, Naval is a medium-tone shade, i.e., blue, and has a bold appearance.



Apart from painted cabinets and stained finish cabinets, you can go with some add-on options. Glazed cabinets and rub through enhancement finishes. The glazed finish adds depth to both stained and painted finished cabinets. Whereas, in rub through enhancement finish, you can offer a rustic look to the kitchen.


Glazed Cabinets

Glazed cabinets are popular because of their antique appearance. The glazed finish is a hand-applied technique that adds depth and character to the appearance of your cabinets. It is ideal for highlighting tiny details and contouring. You can find a variety of options in glazed finish cabinets. From shabby to classy, there are so many options that can have an impact on your cabinets.

Brushed and standard are 2 common types of options used in glazed finishes. A standard glazed finish is applied to the cabinet door’s cracks with a pen or small paintbrush. It is ideal for contouring the door edges. On the other hand, a brushed glazed finish is applied manually with a large brush. It is ideal for giving the cabinet a textured look.


What do you get?

Glazed cabinets

At BuildMyPlace, you will find glazed cabinets in coffee, brushed black, and brushed gray options. In addition, you can choose from a variety of options within your budget to settle for an option that suits your style.


Rub Through Enhancement

When standard paint is manually removed from the cabinet door’s edges, it turns into rub through enhancement. It makes the cabinet look rustic. The paint is rubbed to make the base wood visible to promote a natural antique look. The rub-through enhancement is ideal for exposed decorative elements of the kitchen cabinets, like doors, drawer fronts, and crown molding. You should not go with the rub-through enhancement for panels, fillers, and other flat surfaces.


What do you get?

Rub Through Enhancement

You can choose white, ebony, and gray painted cabinets in the rub-through enhancement cabinet finishes at BuildMyPlace. It is ideal if you wish to give your kitchen an antique look.


Get Sample Doors for Quality Assurance

Of course, it is hard to identify the actual appearance of cabinet finishes because virtually colors and finishes look the same to some extent. So if you still have doubts, you can order sample doors from BuildMyPlace. This will help you decide the finish of your choice. Plus, it is ideal from the quality assurance point of view.

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