The Ultimate Guide to Bridge Kitchen Faucets

by Team BuildMyplace on Aug 22, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Bridge Kitchen Faucets


A kitchen is a place that comes in use at any time, whether it's day or night. Maintaining the appealing beauty of your kitchen using eye-catching components is essential. A simple and small addition of bridge kitchen faucets in your kitchen can embrace the prevailing charm. Not only in terms of aesthetics, but the faucets can smoothly enhance the functionality making your day-to-day work easy and enjoyable. Simply, any kitchen faucet can be the center of attraction as it can quickly attract attention whenever one enters. Plus, it is one of the most useful items in the kitchen on a daily basis. It means you must make a wise decision when it comes to purchasing a bridge kitchen faucet. In this blog, you will learn some vital details about the faucets to find the best one.

What are Bridge Kitchen Faucets?

What are Bridge Kitchen Faucets

The name of bridge kitchen faucets is based on their appearance as the metal tube connects two hot and cold water handles to the mid outlet. The connection across the countertops looks like a bridge and provides a charming classic design. Not only the classic design, but you have an option to choose from a range of styles, from traditional to stylish. Apart from its design, the kitchen faucet comes in a single piece rather than multiple giving it an embellished look. Because of its look, it needs a two to three-hole installation that gives a clean appearance to the kitchen.

Pros & Cons of Bridge Kitchen Faucets

Pros & Cons of Bridge Kitchen Faucets

When you decide to purchase a product, you may be eager to know everything about it, including its features, pros, cons, reviews, etc. You have to be sure that bridge kitchen faucets are ideal to fit your kitchen. Here are some pros and cons of bridge faucets with side sprayer provided for your better understanding.


  • Numerous Options: The options of finishes and styles are numerous, from which you can pick one or different designs to match or adorn the attractiveness of your kitchen. Plus, the faucets are able to offer affordable prices according to your preference.
  • Joint Structure: There is no doubt that the faucet comes in a single piece which makes it much easier to fit in different kitchens. You don’t need to connect them to install them in your place.
  • Counter space: The bridge kitchen faucets are an all-in-one design that can give much space to the side for the side sprayer. Also, you can use the space to store a soap dispenser or any other useful thing.
  • Control over Temperature: The kitchen faucets are capable of providing hot and cold water separately, and you can adjust the temperature accordingly.
  • Height: The height of the faucet spout give enough space to complete different kitchen-related tasks. The faucet with an extra height helps wash big pots or fill water in tall pitchers.


  • Operation: The way to operate bridge kitchen faucets is not too hard, but you need to put effort than using single-handle faucets. You need to use both hands to operate the faucets as per your need.
  • Lack of Space: Even though faucets are ideal for giving off countertop space, they're wide enough to accommodate a considerable area. However, the height of the faucet is also quite noticeable as you must pick the perfect one. Otherwise, it won't fit properly in your sink.

How to Install Bridge Kitchen Faucets?

 How to Install Bridge Kitchen Faucets

 The installation process depends on the faucet you buy for your kitchen. Generally, you need two or three holes to install the bridge kitchen faucet successfully. The holes you need to do will contain hot water, cold water, and possibly faucet spout connections. Along with this, you have to look at the faucet's finish and design to match your kitchen decor. Before deciding to create holes, you must determine if you want to add a soap dispenser, side sprayer, drinking tap, or other. So, it is necessary to make sure how many holes are needed to install the faucet with some add-ons for a better experience.

Apart from this, you can also go for wall-mounted bridge kitchen faucets if you have limited counter space. They can be easily installed or mounted on the wall over the sink to offer you a higher splash of water for completing kitchen chores effortlessly.

Things to Consider when buying Bridge Kitchen Faucets

Even if bridge kitchen faucets are perfect for kitchens, you need to consider some vital points to purchase the best one.

  • Quality: The selection of faucets needs your special consideration regarding their quality. You must install a durable faucet in your kitchen to use it daily.
  • Measurement: Along with the quality, you need to measure twice the gap between the holes, overhead space, and spout height. The perfect measurement gives a chance for the faucet to show its authenticity.
  • Finish: Following the trending finishes and material is good, but you must check for easy-to-clean and maintain finishes of your faucet.
  • Ceramic Valves: Using the faucets with ceramic valves decreases the chance of leaks and drips. It will be a great option to use bridge kitchen faucets with ceramic valves.


Everything you need to know before purchasing bridge kitchen faucets is mentioned in this blog. Now, it depends on your decision, requirement, and kitchen size. The faucets will exceptionally embrace the overall beauty of your kitchen, but they need room to shine. With the help of hot and cold water lines, you can efficiently get the desired water temperature by adjusting the flow accordingly. It will be great to have a bridge faucet in your kitchen.

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