How To Use Side Cabinets For Home Remodeling Projects?

by Team BuildMyplace on Aug 02, 2022

Side Cabinets


Are you looking forward to making your home look organized with minimal additions? Side cabinets, base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, vanity cabinets, etcetera can perfectly add grace to the indoors. Plus, they don’t cover too much space. Moving forward, you will be learning some best ways to make side cabinets useful for home remodeling projects.

Remodeling via cabinets

Remodeling via cabinets

Cabinets are indeed one of the most appropriate decor items that come in handy when we talk about remodeling. They contain endearing looks, a tendency to occupy space, completes the environment with both looks and utilities, and several other facts that make remodeling via cabinets worth considering.

Types of cabinet you can prefer

  • Wall cabinet - Mounted on the walls, a wall cabinet is generally used in the bedroom and the kitchen. They are ideal for storing the utilities that come in handy on a daily basis. In addition, they help in adding functionality to the kitchen.
  • Tall cabinet - A tall cabinet is a highly popular cabinet type as it helps in storing utilities without covering plenty of space. They have a sleek design but contain several storage compartments.
  • Base cabinet - Base cabinets are highly efficient as they can be used in almost every corner of the indoors. A base cabinet can be used in households, offices, hotels, shops, public restrooms, etcetera.
  • Side cabinet - Side cabinets help in covering the corners with the comfort of storing utilities. However, the side cabinet comes in two types. Both types are different from each other in terms of placement. Apart from that, the functions and purposes are almost the same.

What are the different types of side cabinets?

What are the different types of side cabinets

Freestanding side cabinets

 The freestanding side cabinets are placed on the ground, and you can place them in any direction. If we talk about a freestanding bathroom side cabinet, it is a complimentary furniture item that will help you gather more storage space in case your bathroom vanity does not have sufficient space. Whereas the kitchen side cabinet is also a complimentary addition, you can place it anywhere you desire. It does not matter what corner you prefer, the side cabinet will look absolutely perfect.

Wall mounted side cabinets

The wall mounted side cabinets are elevated fixtures that are hung on the wall. So you get enough toe-kick area that will not let you bang your foot on them. After all, this is the most relatable issue that one faces while walking in a hurry. The kitchen cabinet side cabinet can be either wide or tall, but the bathroom side cabinet is supposedly tall to make sure it does not dominate the space.

How are side cabinets useful?

How are side cabinets useful

  • Complements the interiors

As a medium of complementing the interiors, nothing beats the side cabinets as they are exquisite looking and contain efficient storage space that you can use to store your utilities. Moreover, the kitchen side cabinet and bathroom side cabinet are available in charming color and design options which help in giving character to the indoors in a promising manner.

  • Used for storing the utilities in a sorted manner

You can store groceries, dishes, cooking pots, and other utensils in a kitchen side cabinet. Simultaneously, a bathroom side cabinet is ideal for storing linens, towels, soap, shampoo, grooming appliances, and other grooming products.

  • Helps in making the bland corners useful

If we talk about how a cabinet is useful, we must agree on the point that it does not let the corners look bland. In fact, with side cabinets as a furniture option, you get to experiment with how your indoors would look. For instance, picking a kitchen side cabinet in an empty kitchen space will promote functionality by simultaneously making the area look appealing.

  • Makes the indoors look organized

You cannot deny the fact that no one likes to live in a messy environment. Whether we talk about bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, bathrooms, or any other location, you would want to make it look organized if you witness clutter. But with a side cabinet option, you can easily turn an untidy, messy space into an organized, tidy one. These cabinets come in handy to sort the mess. Plus, their chic looks make the indoors look likable in an organized way.

How to use side cabinets for remodeling purposes?

How to use side cabinets for remodeling purposes

Different colors and textures will make the cabinets look more appealing.

When it comes to remodeling the interiors, colors are undoubtedly the most delightful things that fascinate us as we get to show our creativity in that part. There are several color and design options for these types of cabinets available in the market that influences us to pick the most creative one.

Use them in the cozy indoors

People often feel like the cozy corners like the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and study are pretty dynamic areas, and any element can turn them into something completely different. This is why they don’t prefer doing anything in an elaborated way. However, cabinets like bathroom side cabinets and kitchen side cabinets are enough on their own for their respective areas. You are not required to add anything further to make the location look more attractive. They are the perfect addition to the cozy indoors.

Opt for matching shades that blend with other fixtures

It does not matter what size side cabinet you prefer for your indoor remodeling purpose as far as it blends with the other fixtures, you are good to go. However, if you prefer an entirely odd option, it will make the whole location look odd. For instance, if you already have wood-inspired textured cabinets, you can opt for a similar side cabinet option as they will look coordinated. Simultaneously, a white shade cabinet will perfectly blend with the classic white color cabinets or vanities.


The fact that can be concluded from the above information is that a side cabinet is a piece of excellent furniture that can enhance the indoors in a promising manner. But this is just an additional benefit of these cabinets because their main aim is to help organize the indoors by letting you store utilities in the storage compartment. So, whether you are looking for side cabinets for the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, bedroom, study, or any other location, they always come in handy. Thus, they are highly recommended for opting when it comes to renovations.

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