Things You Should Follow to Buy Online Cabinets

by Team BuildMyplace on Jun 06, 2023

Things You Should Follow to Buy Online Cabinets


Buying online cabinets can sometimes feel chaotic, especially when you are unfamiliar with any of the stuff. For instance, choosing the right color, style, and design for the kitchen cabinets takes too much time than you think. Apart from that, it is also important to figure out whether the design will be apt for your space or not. Other than that, there are a bunch of things you need to shortlist in your cart before you start with your kitchen renovation project.

If any of these things are your point of concern, then you must know that today, there’s always a solution to your problems. Today, you can get professionals to get your kitchen design done. Also, you can order cabinet door samples or get quotes to solve your queries. In this cabinet buying guide blog, we are going to discuss some important factors that you need to make sure of before buying online cabinets. Once you are sure about them, you will not find shopping for online cabinets challenging.


What’s in Cabinet Construction?

What’s in cabinet construction?

It is important to decide the type of cabinet construction you want. Ready to assemble cabinets and preassembled cabinets are the 2 online cabinets type that you will find. RTA cabinets come unassembled, so you need to fix them. In comparison, assembled cabinets are built and ready to use. With some adjustments, you can make them functional. Moreover, in preassembled cabinets, you get comparatively more color and customization options than ready to assemble cabinets.

RTA cabinets come in flat pieces that require step-by-step assembly. If you are an expert DIYer, then assembling RTA cabinets will not be a problem for you. If you do not have the required DIY skills, you can call for professional help.


Where to find kitchen cabinet inspiration from?

How should your dream kitchen look? This is the question that everyone has in their minds. This is an obvious question you must ask yourself because building a dream kitchen takes too much effort. To make the dream come true, we think of every possible element. Some popular questions are how the cabinets will look, what color will be perfect, what complimentary elements to pick, what to keep on the island, how to design the bar area, etcetera.

Today, you can get infinite ideas online. Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, etcetera, are flooded with kitchen cabinet inspiration ideas of the latest trends. If you need to resell your house in the future, you should look for timeless ideas and trends. But you can go with a desired idea if reselling is not in your plan.


Popular Styles & Finished to Consider

Popular styles and finished to consider

Shaker style cabinet doors are pretty popular in the kitchen cabinet industry. This is a 5-piece door set-up that looks good in almost every kitchen decor. It has both modern and traditional appeal that looks nothing but timeless beauty. You might find the cabinet details slightly different as they are some variations of the shaker style cabinets.

Nowadays, painted white cabinets are gaining quite the buzz. It is chic, subtle and compliments the kitchen decor. Apart from that, you can find different variations in the white tone. Antique white, bright white, glossy white, matte white, etcetera, are quite trendy picks in the market for painted white cabinets range.

Hope you found what you were looking for. You must save all the kitchen cabinet inspiration ideas, trends, features, styles, and finishes you need in your cabinets. This will help you with the final choice.


Order Samples to Understand Cabinet Construction

Order samples to understand cabinet construction

Ordering cabinet door samples is one of the most important steps in the cabinet buying guide. It helps you with the decision-making process before you rush online cabinets shopping. It is the best way to test the cabinet construction, and you must not skip it. One of the reasons to do this before purchasing online cabinets is because, in pictures, you will find the cabinet’s color different. You should order multiple sample doors before finalizing a look for your dream kitchen to find out what suits you best.

In the cabinet buying guide, you can look for a mood board. It is a selection of multiple colors and finishes block samples to help you understand the cabinet construction and look. You can also finalize cabinet hardware, accessories, and other add-ons.


Design your kitchen space

Design your kitchen space

If you like paying attention to every detail, you must seek professional assistance. A professional is extremely important when you are dealing with online cabinets. They help with floor plan design, detailing, deciding the look, giving the final touch, complimenting accessories, and other essential elements. In addition, their expertise will help you design a kitchen within your budget and some other technical aspects important for kitchen planning like:

  • Design plan
  • Space planning with the required clearance
  • Cutouts to fit the appliances
  • Ventilation management

Apart from that, make sure to get a design pocket, floor plan, 3D rendering, and elevation ready from the designer before starting with the project.


Order online cabinets

Once you have finalized your cabinet design, kitchen layout, accessories, and other things, it is time to proceed with buying online cabinets. Again, the expert kitchen designer is an important part of this process. You can ask for itemized quotes on things like cabinet construction, door styles, hinge application, finish, trims, fillers, and other related elements.


It’s not that tough!

It’s not that tough!

Your kitchen cabinets will arrive to you within a week, and they will be ready for installation. If anything is missing from the package, BuildMyPlace will get it delivered to you without any additional charges.

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