What is a Shower Tower Systems? What Features Does It Include?

by Team BuildMyplace on Mar 04, 2022

What is a Shower Tower Systems? What Features Does It Include?

Available in numerous styles and designs, a shower tower systems can add an exquisite touch to your bathroom and can please you with its amazing features. Shower towers can deliver a rejoiceful bathing experience with the help of some excellent features such as a wide-angle shower head, mobile handheld shower, multiple body jets, tub spout, smart mixer-diverter, etcetera. All these features are a must in a shower tower systems as it ensures the efficient processing of the panel. So, before opting for shower towers, you must find out their basic and more elaborated features.

Features of a Shower Tower Systems

Wide-angle Headshower 

The best thing about shower panel systems is that they feature a wide-angle headshower which makes sure that the water will pour out evenly that too widely.

Mobile Handheld Shower 

Mobile Handle Shower Panel System

With a mobile handheld shower, you get the flexibility to reach in some complicated parts such as shoulders & back. In fact, if you are not willing for a head bath, then too, the handheld shower is helpful as it will resist your head from wetting.

Multiple Body Jets

One of the most beneficial features of shower systems is the multiple body jets that efficiently apply pressure on your vulnerable body parts and rejuvenate them.

Tub spout 

Tub spout

Back to the basics is the phenomenon that we should not forget, which is why a tub spout should not be unforgettable in a shower tower systems. The tub spout comes in handy as it is used to fill up the bucket.

Some Uncommon Luxury Features in a Shower

Tower Systems

Features of Shower Tower Systems

  • LED Temperature Display - An LED temperature display allows you to control the water’s temperature as you can see it increase or decrease on an LED display. 
  • Utility Shelf - A utility shelf allows you to place utility bottles & soaps because sometimes we get too irked while bathing as we don’t find a leveled place to put shampoo and soap.
  • Rotating Body Jets - Unlike regular multiple body jets, a rotating one is way efficient. It obviously allows you to have a massaging experience during your bath, but it simultaneously rotates to shift the jets' focus on any particular region.

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