Multi Jet Shower Systems - What Do You Need To Know?

by Team BuildMyplace on Feb 11, 2022

Multi jet Shower Systems

How can a multi jet shower system help you in releasing your stress? After a long and hectic day, we all need some quiet time to find inner peace, rejuvenate ourselves, and store energy to conquer the hardships for the next day. This is why we wait for weekends to relax and gain some energy. But, why wait for the weekends when you can regain your energy with a simple bath.

Yeah! A bath can be so much more than you think. Thanks to the multi jet shower systems, you might get the ease of finding comfort. Shower panel systems are a boon in this scenario as they 

are embodied with multiple body jets that deliver a massaging experience during your baths.

What Features Do Multi jet Shower Systems Include?

A shower panel is comprised of a headshower, handheld shower, multiple body jets, in-built mixer & diverter, tub spout, etcetera. All these features conjoin altogether to form an efficient shower panel system. So, what is the purpose of these features in sower panel systems?

  • Headshower -
The foremost important purpose of shower panel systems is a wide-angle headshower that evenly distributes water flow.
  • Handheld shower -

Handheld shower

A handheld shower attachment can be used for mobility and flexibility purposes. It reaches complex blind spots such as the upper and lower back.

  • Body spray jets -
Body spray jets
For a massaging experience, multiple body jets are enabled in your shower panel systems to deliver a soothing after-effect.
  • Tub spout -
Body spray jets
As a symbol of being connected to the roots, the shower panel systems include a tub spout to fill water into the bucket.

    Height - The prime need for installing multi jet shower systems

    You certainly do not want your money to go to waste. This is the reason why you should consider the key factor (height) that influences the performance of shower panel systems. This might make or break the situation then you would have to bear with the consequences. So, keep in mind that your installation is ticking the required box. Moving forward, what role does height play that should be kept in mind before installing multi jet shower systems?

    In order to find comfort during your bathing time, you must ensure that the elevation of your shower panel systems is apt. Doing so is necessary as the excellent performance of the jets can be measured by the way they serve their purpose. The even jets flow relaxes your contracted muscles and soothes them to calm your senses. In multi jet shower systems, height plays a vital role in making the body sprays perform well. The appropriate height for jet shower panels should be approximately 36 inches above the floor.

    With that, the body jets will be able to put pressure on the most vulnerable parts of your body such as shoulders, knees, thighs, back, neck, etcetera. Thus, you will find pleasure in bathing, and it will also rejuvenate your energy. So, focusing on the height becomes the essential point for availing the benefits of multi jet shower systems in the best possible ways.

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