Why is Opting for Double Sink Bathroom Vanities the Right Decision to Make?

by Team BuildMyplace on Jul 15, 2022

Why is opting for Double Sink Bathroom Vanities the right decision to make?


The concept of introducing bathroom double sink bathroom vanities has become quite popular for people with bigger bathrooms. This is beneficial for enhancing the bathroom’s aura with a clutter-free zone as well as the fixture looks pretty apt in the comprehensive bathroom design. Apart from a tough body structure, the dual sink featuring bathroom vanities has several other benefits too. Moving forward, we will discuss some keen points that will make you understand if it is worth investing in double sink vanities for the bathroom.

 Structure of double sink bathroom vanities

A double sink bathroom vanity is generally constructed of a wooden structure containing a rigid countertop made up of marble, granite, or any other tough material. Then there are several storage compartments in the double sink vanities. Compared to single sink ones, the storage is obviously going to be more spacious because the structure allows it that way. Last but the most important element of the double sink bathroom vanity’s structure is that it has two vanity sinks that gives you the proper space for your grooming-related purposes.

Benefits of double sink bathroom vanities

Benefits of double sink bathroom vanities

  • An appropriate fit for bigger bathrooms

It often gets pretty hectic with medium-sized bathroom vanities because you find it hard to fit all your utilities altogether. Plus, the size is way too compact for bigger bathrooms. This is why you must consider opting for double sink bathroom vanities. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted option or a freestanding vanity, you will find the size appropriate for your comprehensive bathroom design. This is one of the major benefits of opting for double sink vanities.

  • More countertop space

The countertop is indeed necessary for the bathroom vanities as most people prefer placing their stuff over the countertop while they are grooming. For instance, people put toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, hair straightener, curling iron, and other grooming products on top of the counter as this is the most accessible spot for them to keep the stuff closer.

However, this becomes a hindrance for people with a compact-sized bathroom vanity because the space is limited. But, with double sink bathroom vanities, you can overcome this issue because a double sink vanity has suitable space, especially in the countertop part where you can easily put your stuff.

  • Extended design for multitasking

You might have noticed in the morning when you are in a hurry to get ready for work that your grooming space gets uncontrollably messy. This can be due to the fact that you don’t have a proper station to place the utilities. Therefore, you end up cluttering the grooming station, i.e., the vanity area. Well, in this case, you can surely opt for bathroom vanity with dual sinks because its extended structure and apt storage offer you the comfort of getting ready in a clutter-free zone. In addition, the extended design is suitable for multitasking. So, you can feel free to plug in your grooming appliances, place the grooming products, face towels, and perform other tasks at the same time.

  • Ideal for people with personal hygiene concerns

If you are cautious about personal hygiene and it is a non-negotiable for you, then you can get really bothered with sharing the same grooming space with people, even if it is your partner or a loved one. With small vanities, there is no such thing as personal space that exists because of the lack of space. But, if you opt for a dual sink version of bathroom vanities, this can easily be solved. As it is understood by its name, a double sink featured bathroom vanity contains 2 assorted sinks, you can surely restrict one to yourself if you are bothered by personal hygiene concerns. Adding to that, the storage space is also extended in double sink bathroom vanities. So, you can keep your stuff in a separate space to keep them away from other people.

  • Offers a spacious look without covering too much space

 Some people might not prefer a double sink vanity for their bathroom because they are concerned that the vanity might cover too much space. Of course, an extended vanity covers more space. However, the fact that it overcrowds the bathroom is not entirely true because bathroom vanities featuring dual sinks are surely spacious. But, they are designed in a certain way that the bathroom will not look congested. You can either opt for a wall-mounted vanity or a freestanding vanity for your bathroom because both are pretty good options and do not cover much space. However, please make sure to opt for a suitable size that is not way too large for your bathroom, as you don’t want that just the vanity cover the entire space.

Is it really necessary to use double sink bathroom vanities?

Is it really necessary to use double sink bathroom vanities?

 Well, opting for the design, type, and structure of the bathroom vanity totally depends on how you want it. If you have a small bathroom, then a standard single sink vanity is obviously perfect for enhancing the bathroom’s interior. On the other hand, the double sink bathroom vanity is a suitable design for people with bigger bathrooms.

The most highlighted issue with big bathrooms is that you always look for elements that neither cover the entire space nor look too tiny, as, in both situations, the bathroom decor will look improper. If you look it that way, opting for double sink bathroom vanities becomes a necessary requirement because you want something that suits the bathroom decore without compromising with the space and something with apt storage compartments to make your bathroom look organized rather than messy where the clutter lays all over the place.

 Most preferred double sink vanity sizes

 Most preferred double sink vanity sizes

 Size most certainly is an essential point to focus on with double sink bathroom vanities because it influences how the vanity is going to look in the bathroom. Focusing on the size of the vanity while choosing your location can make or break the deal because every single element is related to size only. For instance, a small bathroom vanity will naturally have less counter space, a small sink, and a compact storage space. Similarly, with large bathroom vanities, all these elements will end up with spacious features.

 60 inch double sink vanity and 72 inch bathroom vanity are the two most popular bathroom vanity sizes that are most commonly preferred by customers. The reason behind this is that both these sized vanities are extended but are not too big. A large bathroom can look sufficiently spacious with double sink bathroom vanities only if the size is appropriate.

Budget - A factor that influences people from investing in double sink vanities

Staying within the budget gets impossible with double sink bathroom vanities because they are way too expensive. This is not entirely true because there are numerous bathroom vanity options available in the market that are pretty economical. The quality and features of these vanities are somewhere similar to any expensive one but with the slightest difference.

If you consider budget as an obstacle between you and your perfect bathroom decor element, you’ll always be stuck between whether to buy one or not. So, don’t let your budget be an obstacle to your choice. However, I am not suggesting that you should go over the top and buy something completely expensive. Just analyze your priority first and determine what features you need in your bathroom vanity. And if it matches your requirements, ding some slightest change with the budgets is not such a bad deal. Also, try to find something within the budget as there are many options available that can woo you in a certain manner.


In the end, we can conclude the blog by saying that it is essential for a customer to ask this question that is opting for double sink bathroom vanities the right decision to make. There are several benefits of bathroom vanities with double sinks. Especially if you have space and hygiene concerns, you can surely consider it. Just keep the budget in mind and avoid exceeding it because you can find a fine vanity within the budget, you just have to look for it a little more.

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