How are Wardrobe Hooks Suitable for Decor?

by Team BuildMyplace on Jul 28, 2022

wardrobe hooks


Creativity can lead us to make any possible effort to make the indoors look appealing, even for small tiny home detail elements like wardrobe hooks. After all, nothing should be left bland when you are up for looking for suitable items for the decor. Some people might think about what is in these hooks and why we should pay attention to them. Well, the answer is pretty simple. These tiny elements are pretty useful in terms of looking cute and allow you to hang heavy stuff. They are basically perfect. So, here we are, discussing some keen details about decorative hooks.

What are wardrobe hooks?

What are wardrobe hooks

Wardrobe hooks are tiny items that are surprisingly very efficient for decorative purposes. Simultaneously, you get the ease of hanging your stuff on them. The hooks come in several color options, like a black robe hook that serves its primary purpose with the additional benefit of highlighting the indoors.

If you have noticed so far, hooks are used in almost every corner like the doorway, kitchen, bedroom, closet, passage, or most commonly, in the bathroom. Bathroom robe hooks are one of the most popular hooks that you might have witnessed in almost everyone’s homes.

Nowadays, hooks are much more than just basic utility. They come in several colors, sizes, styles, and design options. In fact, some might consider them as a creative element to decorate their homes and others indoors. Moving forward, we will be discussing some basic things about wardrobe hooks.

How to fix wardrobe hooks?

How to fix wardrobe hooks

Mark the spot where you want to fix your hook

Marking is the most important step when it comes to fixing wardrobe hooks. You cannot afford mistakes when it comes to drilling holes in the walls, doors, or wardrobes because it will end up in drilling too many holes and will add flaws to the interiors. So, make sure you carefully mark the spots where you want to drill holes to fix hooks.

Drill the holes

After you mark the desired holes, carefully drill the holes. Be careful with this step and perfectly align the holes. For instance, if you are drilling holes for a 3 wardrobe hook set but drill the holes slightly unevenly. In that case, the set will look unsynchronized and will ruin the indoors look. So, carefully drill the holes where the hooks are supposed to be fixed.

Tightly secure the screws

When you are done drilling, you need to fox the wardrobe hooks. This is the most simple task that does not need any keen observation or skills. However, please check that the hooks are not wobbling once you are done. If so, then secure them tightly otherwise, they will come off.

How to create a style statement via wardrobe hooks?

How to create a style statement via wardrobe hooks

Experiment with different color

Colors are indeed one of the fascinating features in any object that catches our fancy. In the wardrobe hooks scenario, several colors and finishes are available in the market like silver, gold, copper, brushed nickel, matte black, etcetera. If you are looking for a highlighting option, you can prefer a black robe hook because it looks enchanting in a prominent manner.

Pick different styles, sizes, and designs

You can give a style statement to your decor via wardrobe hooks in several ways. First, experimenting with styles, sizes, and designs is a very simple but effective way to do so. For instance, you can prefer broad-size bathroom robe hooks to create a unique look. Also, vintage styles and designs are very much in trend nowadays. So, you can do some sort of experimenting by keeping that in mind.

Prefer placing hooks on empty or plain walls

One of the creative ways to let these hooks come in handy for creating a style statement is by particularly using them. That can be a little tricky, but if you are familiar with our staff and creative enough, you can ace this task. For that, you can use fixing ginormous-sized bathroom robe hooks on the empty or plain walls. Then hang some decorative lights, indoor plants, lanterns, and other kinds of stuff that you can hang to decorate the walls creatively.


In the end, there is no end to creativity, whether you are using some detailed items or just some tiny hooks. You can ace the task if you know what you are doing and are confident enough. The above information was to help you out with some basic elements of decorative hooks. Hopefully, now you know what they are exactly and how you can use them not just to fulfill their primary purpose but to use them in an artistic way to give character to your decor.

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