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Collection: Bar & Counter Tables

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About Bar & Counter Tables

The world of furniture is multi-dimensional. Things in this world do not work linearly. For instance, you may think that the only place for abar table or a pub table would be a bar. Yet, that's not correct! Bar tables make excellent pieces of furniture for kitchens and game rooms.

There is so much that you want to buy. Yet, there is so much to know about the things that you want to buy. Having an idea of the possible uses ofbar tables and stools sets will come in handy.

Is a bar table the same as a pub table?

No. A bar table stands at an average height of 40-42 inches, whereas a pub table measures 34-36 inches height. A bar table is a tall table for two or more people. Think of a bar table as a tall pub table. Yet, both can serve the same purpose when considering household use.

Where can you use a bar table?

Bar tables are ideal for use in small kitchens and areas that allow little space for traditional tables. A set consisting of a bar table and stools can help fill empty spaces with minimalistic charm. Also, these tables are excellent for game rooms. Placing a bar table with two or three seats will make a seating area for guests in a game room.

Many people buy houses surrounded by a spectacular view. Bar tables crafted in premium wood are ideal pieces of furniture for the picturesque outdoor spots of a home. Placing abar tablewith matching stools at outdoor spots with a spectacular view will mean that the homeowner can enjoy the view from an ideal height.

Also, a bar table can fit in spaces where most of the traditional tables don't. Corners of a room or a small patio (or balcony) are a few such spots. 

What is a counter table?

Acounter table is a long table found at the reception of shops, restaurants and other places. In general, such tables serve as a divider between an employee and a customer.

Should you use a counter table in your home?

Yes. Using acounter table at home can be a good idea. Small kitchens that have limited space are ideal for counter tables. These tables make a perfect dining space for two or three people. Such a setting offers ample storage space and adequate dining space since most counter tables come with some storage space.

Available in different materials

Bar tables, pub tables, and counter tables are available in a range of material choices. The stuff that you choose depends on the purpose that the table has to serve. Someone who needs a bar table for a game room can pick an artistic bar table and matching stools. Whereas people want a bar top for outdoor spaces should opt for a metal or teak wood table.

Bar tables and stools set featuring the use of leather can add a touch of classic elegance to a small dining space. Metal bar tables can offer clean, sleek, stylish looks to modernize any environment. Contemporary bar tables and counter tables are available in a wide range of designs, too. From simple designs to extravagant ones, the furniture stores have it all.