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Collection: Dining Chairs

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About Dining Chairs

A dining room is not just a place to have lunch or dinner. It's a place where the whole family can sit down and enjoy each other's company. While a dining table is the anchor of every dining room furniture, chairs are no less important and need equal deliberation. A set of good dining chairs can enhance the overall style and the level of comfort in the dining room.

Picking the Right Dining Chair Size and Style

A dining room could be of any type and size, whether it's a casual breakfast nook, a formal dining space or anything between the two. Selecting the right dining chairs to match your style and dining area is crucial. There are a lot of questions that should cross your mind when choosing the perfect chairs for your dining room, and we are here to help guide you through the process.

Dining Chair Size

The standard height of a dining table is 30 inches and the standard height of a dining chair is 18 inches. This leaves a 12-inch gap between the bottom of the tabletop and the seat of the chair for you to sit comfortably. Be sure to check if there is a wooden panel beneath the tabletop, called a table apron, which often connects the legs to the table.

Aprons are not available for all tables, but if there is one present, make sure there is enough room for your legs to fit comfortably. Additionally, make sure the chairs you've chosen have armrests like many upholstered chairs, we recommend a minimum of 7 inches between the armrest and the bottom of the tabletop.

Please note that upholstered chairs are usually broader in width than non-upholstered chairs, and will need to be sized to the table appropriately.

Comfortable Dining Chairs

If you prefer to linger in the dining room after a nice meal, we recommend upholstered chairs because they are generally more comfortable than non-upholstered chairs. A non-upholstered chair is usually narrower and easier to fit around a smaller table, but they generally aren't as comfortable.

Fabric and Finish

Choose a material that blends well with the dining room style or choose a bold finish that really brings your kitchen and dining area together. If you like to mix and match, you can choose different prints and colors while still maintaining harmony in the overall dining room environment. You can also experiment with the material of the chairs and use metal dining chairs or wood dining chairs in the dining area.

Do chairs have to match the dining table?

If you don't want to use chairs which are an exact match to your dining room table, consider matching just some or part of the chairs and table together. Even if there are only small elements in all of the furniture pieces that are similar, they should complement each other but still maintain a unique contrast throughout.

Can you club dining chairs with other chairs?

We recommend matching all the chairs apart from the head chair at the end of the table. Head chairs with a distinctive and different look than the rest of the chairs are in trend and vital for a modern look of dining spaces.

What makes a comfortable dining chair?

The standard width of an armless dining chair is 22 inches, and we recommend avoiding any chairs narrower than 18 inches. The depth of a comfortable dining chair should be at least 22 inches.

The ideal height of a dining chair seat is 18 to 19 inches, and there should be a 12-inch gap between the seat and the bottom of the tabletop.

Can dining room chairs be used in other rooms?

Modern dining chairs can be used in other places as well. Considering Outdoor dining chairs for pool parties is a common thing. You can use an upholstered dining chair in a living room, or a non-upholstered dining chair can be used as an accent chair or a side chair in a bedroom. You can also use an armless dining chair in the study.