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Collection: Office Chairs

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About Office Chairs

Being an executive at a company comes with a lot of perks and advantages but with additional stress wrapped in. Calls all day long, multiple meetings and long sitting hours are part and parcel of every executive's life. The prolonged sitting hours can be a painful affair if the executive office chair is not comfortable enough. At BUILDMyplace, we offer a modern desk chair for office needs. Our Office furniture come with a desirable cushion and durable life, so that your work takes least hit because of sitting discomfort.

Advantages of a Good Computer Chair

A Better resting position to your legs and back is the primary aspect you should be careful about. So, make sure your task chair at work has the desirable height, sitting cushion, and support at backrest. Additionally, you can find these benefits as well when you are using a good computer chair at your place.

  • It allows you to work for longer hours without any issue. It directly translates into more efficiency and better productivity.
  • Right computer chairs at workspace makes sure you comfortably sit while doing time-consuming tasks like data analysis, coding and preparing balance sheet.
  • It gives the right support to your lower back of the human body. It helps in preventing the long and short term body issues in the back region.

Are task chairs and desk chairs the same?

No, they aren't. They are different in terms of design and sitting duration. A task chair is suitable for short term sitting requirements while desk chairs are utilized for a double span (or even longer) of time. Desk chairs must offer more comfort in comparison to task chairs due to the more extended use.

Why is Appropriate Lumbar Support necessary in modern desk chairs?

Prolonged sitting puts the lower spine section in undesirable stress, which makes any further session unbearable. If this pain persists longer, then it can become a severe body condition in later years. Furniture with lumbar support makes sure you get the appropriate cushion by providing enough padding at the backrest base. This right posture makes sure the stress can be minimized at the lower spine area so that you can sit for a longer period with ease.

The sitting comfort shouldn't be compromised at any cost. For the same reason, you are advised to not go for cheap desk chairs. Saving a few bucks can bring problems to the efficiency and health of you and/or your employees.