Nowadays,most homeowners are tempted to install vinyl flooring planks as they resemble wooden floors and enhance the beauty of the interiors. However, how often your rooms need to be cleaned depends on the amount of footfall presence inside the given space.

 Keeping your vinyl floors clean makes the room beautiful and, at the same time, inviting for the guests. Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your vinyl flooring planks.

Read instructions

New vinyl flooring planks are enduring and can last longer than standard ones, but they also require regular cleaning and maintenance to look fresh and brand-new.

Keep up with the general cleaning instructions and for detailed information regarding cleaning methods, refer to the instruction manual provided with the vinyl flooring planks. 

Time and temperature

When the vinyl floors are installed, protect the seamer areas and not walk on the sealer. 

Try to keep the room temperature at 68F or more for 2-days to help set the adhesives. 

Do not roll heavy objects over the newly installed vinyl planks for at least 5-days. Give time for the flooring planks to set.

Put some weight around 

Before moving heavy objects over the newly installed planks, use underlayment sheets and lay plywood down the planks to disperse the weight.

Check the condition of the rollers and casters before setting chairs and furniture over the vinyl flooring planks. 

Cover the legs of the chairs and pieces of furniture with felt protectors. 

Sweep the floor

Remove the frequent dust, sand, and grit by gently sweeping or vacuuming the floor. Do not use vacuum cleaners with beater bars as they can damage the flooring planks

Mop the floor with clean, warm water to remove the dirt particles. Use the cleaning solutions mentioned in the instructions guide provided with flooring planks.

Use one teaspoon of liquid washing detergent with one quart of water or one teaspoon of ammonia with one quart of lukewarm water to clean the planks. 

Finally, Use non-staining mats and rugs for every outside entry to the room. 

Spot and spills

If there is a spot and spill over the vinyl flooring planks, use a clean cloth to wipe the cleaner over the plank surface.

Use manufacturer-recommended cleaners, which come with a “Self-cleaning” product label.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning or scrubbing tools over the flooring planks. Do not use soaps and solvents.

Getting the old shine back

If your flooring planks look dull, try cleaning them with lukewarm water and clean ammonia.

Use the floor polish recommended from the manufacturer’s end. By adding coats of polish, it is easy to maintain the planks.

Calls the professionals

If your planks are damaged or cut during the cleaning process, contact a flooring professional for check and repair.