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Clipped Diamond Stark Carbon Polished Marble Mosaic - Piece

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Clipped Diamond Stark Carbon Polished Marble Mosaic - Piece

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Pack Size: Piece
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The pleasing beauty of this clipped diamond pattern of the Stark Carbon polished marble mosaic collection adds a unique touch to your interiors. However, the clipped diamond marble patterns are something that is not worn out further. In simple terms, the pattern is pretty unique and will surely deliver a unique sense of touch to your location. In addition, the polished finish in this mosaic is an add-on to its dwelling beauty.

Longevity is the focal point that this collection focuses on, which is why their mosaics are carved on rigid marble material. Everyone knows that marble is surely a highly-durable material to opt for when it comes to rigidity. So, your flooring can use a long-lasting option. Furthermore, the mosaic does not contain any gaudy colors or dominating textures. So, this is an ideal option that will offer simplicity to your floor’s look.

Product Specifications

Sqft per Pallet: 405 sq. ft.
Sqft per box: 9 sq. ft.
Box per Pallet: 45
lbs per Pallet: 2140 lbs
lbs per box: 47.55 lbs
Pcs per box: 10
Collection: Stark Carbon
Material: Marble
Shape: Clipped Diamond
Finish: Polished
MPN (Part No.): 5001-0179-0

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